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What you can expect, the unexpected.

Who would have known?

Now it's time to pick up the pieces.

bigWhy are you scared? You’re not the first to go through a divorce and you will not be the last. Do you need information or maybe just a good laugh? Then you have found a place that has that and more! Our goal is to be a community of people that can come together and share. If you have ideas to make the site better tell us!

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    The Process

    You have your separate life! Everything is done “now what?” The war is over now it’s time to heal and move on.

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    Safety Tips

    Before you start looking for that someone special, protect yourself. Learn from a few proven tips that can help you to be safe, smart, and without regret!

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    Get Back Out There

    Don’t sit home and wait for that someone special to show up at your door. Learn ways that can help you navigate in this new dating world!

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    Dating Time!

    Dating stories are sometimes funny and other times they make you shake your head. We all have those lemonade stories, so let’s share!

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    Don't Settle!

    You have worked hard to get the new and improved you. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve!

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    The Next Chapter

    Now there are all these new people in your family, some you have invited and some your ex has invited. Time to deal with a few extra bonuses. Let the fun times begin!

Membership Benefits

Dealing with the death of a relationship and processing through it is very difficult. I truly believe the best ones to help you heal are those that have been through the pain. That is the reason this site was created.

It is not intended for children or teenagers going through a breakup with sweethearts. This is for adults dealing with adult issues.

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Put Yourself 1st


Time to kick them off the pedestal; they don’t deserve to be there YOU do! Really think about it they were not all that great! If they were you would still be together. Wouldn’t they have been smart enough not to let you go? That fact alone should show you your ex-partner is not the sharpest tool in the shed!! This is a site to learn and interact with others that have gone through or are going through the same thing. OH my goodness, how did this happen, how did I get here?

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The Perspicacious Dater


A Perspicacious Dater has keen mental perception and an understanding they are discerning. If there is no spark, perspicacious daters do not believe in wasting each other’s time. They do understand no one is perfect on a first date including themselves. If there is even a small spark, they will see where that leads. Sometimes it may just lead to having a new friend or a wonderful relationship.

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