Infused Waters

         Infused Waters We all know we need to drink water but did you know; water also helps your body with detoxification, energy and hydration. Start your day by putting as much fruit in water as you like in some water. Now here is the difficult part.... let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking Below is a list of things you can add to your water and what benefits they have. (1) Green tea, mint, and lime --- fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion Read more [...]

How to Socialize Without Drinking, ChatToCherry Tuesday by Lisa Cherry Beaumont

        If you're concerned that your social life turns around alcohol, here's how to socialize and meet people without the pressure to drink. For more excellent tips to help you in your life visit:   Click here to join the MEMBERS ONLY Club for free access to all my SECRETS to a happier, easier, more fulfilled life:   by Lisa Cherry Beaumont, Agony Aunt at, first class advice Read more [...]

Advanced Jyana Yoga Meditation Part 2

    Advanced Jyana Yoga Meditation Part 2 by AnmolMehtaCom          Part 2 of the overview on the advanced Gyan Yoga meditation technique used to still the mind of thoughts. Uses Advaita Vedanta concepts and Sage Patanjali's concepts, in a unique meditation, the Silent Mind Technique, to achieve Enlightenment. Detail on www anmolmehta (dot) com.       LEARN HOW TO MEDITATE PROGRAM With Anmol Mehta The Best Meditation Course on the internet. Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day — Look to Mother Nature’s Garden for Solutions for Getting the Rest you Need.

      If you’re wandering through the mist of madness that surrounds your divorce and having trouble sleeping, look to Mother Nature’s garden for a few floral solutions for getting the rest you urgently need. There are a great many plants, the aromas from which can have significantly calming effects upon your system. Lavender, chamomile and valerian are very commonly used, but do a little research on sage, linden and raspberry too. I stayed in a hotel once that had a long Read more [...]

I’m One Selfish Mother … (Part 2 of 2)

  By Gretchen Schiller Link to “One Selfish Mother” – PART 1 of 2 Excerpt from PART 1: Last year Mother’s Day was hands down the worst day of my life since my divorce. I felt like a single mother, in an entirely new way…I hated that my tiny apartment rivaled playhouses of wealthy children in the area. I hated my lame-ass Dollar Store paper towels. I hated sharing my bedroom with a 3-year-old. I hated my new life…Charles was away on vacation, my ex-in-laws were out-of-town and Read more [...]

Uses for Coffee Grounds

  Many of us love a nice cup of coffee to get us going in the morning. Did you know that you can find get even more uses for the leftover grounds? There are so many everything from beauty tricks to odor reducers and pest repellents.   FACIAL EXFOLIATION MASK: Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds with 1 teaspoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoonful Shea butter. Mix together till you have a paste-like consistency. Apply on your face by rubbing your fingers in small circles. Let dry for 15 Read more [...] — YogaDownload Yoga For Peace Program

    Yoga Download established the Yoga For Peace program to show support for American troops overseas and current members of the Peace Corps. In the true spirit of yoga, the entire Yoga Download catalog is available FREE to active duty servicemen and women as a way of thanking those who have offered themselves to a greater mission. The portable audio yoga classes with music accompaniment are the perfect format for those needing a little comfort while living far from home. Many studies Read more [...]

In This Moment I’m OK

  Rx for extreme stress     Sometimes we find that our heads are spinning with so much anxiety or worry, fear…despair, disappointment, sadness or rage…it can absolutely stop us cold.  We may find ourselves unable to move past this cascade of negative thoughts and emotions.  It can feel as if we’re paralyzed.  We feel helpless.   UGH! Here’s a quick fix…an effective little exercise that can be done in seconds…any time, as many times as you want…with eyes open or Read more [...] — Yoga for Strength Class – 20 min

      Yoga for Strength class is for all levels that uses poses to help you build strength and muscle tone using your own body weight. This class allows you to hold poses for a longer period of time to help build your stamina and strength. After just one class you will feel results. If you enjoy this class, visit YogaDownload for more class options! Click Here for a FREE Yoga Merchandise Giveway! Click Here for a FREE Yoga Pose Guide! Search Hundreds of Yoga Download Classes Would Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – You Were NOT Made to Be Broken

  Don't let anyone ever break your soul. You have to stand up for what you believe in on your own two feet. There are those that would give anything to see you fail, but you must never give them the satisfaction. Stand tall holding your head high with a smile. If you feel as if you are too tired to love, BE ALONE for a while. Perhaps that's what you need, some quality time alone for yourself.   Come visit our Facebook page at   Give Time a Chance to Heal You! Would you like to support Read more [...]