Are You a Single Mom and Would like to Share?

            Hi, I'm a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. I'm currently working on my dissertation project and through this project my goal is to learn more about the health and physical activity of single mothers. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find enough single mother volunteers in my local area. The study involves just a one-time commitment and is conducted entirely through the postal mail Read more [...]

Divorce is Not the End of the World but a New Beginning

  Divorce is not the end of the world but a new beginning or new chapter in your life. Remember, things happen for a reason and you need to realize there is support for you to get on with your life. There's no need to feel alone and you need to open the book to a new chapter in your life.  Divorced and Scared No More is here for that and so much more.             So, who is behind this website you ask. Her name is Tasher and she knows first-hand what you Read more [...]

Developing a new YOU™ by Just Breathe Special Guest Tasher

    Today's show we will have special guest Tasher owner of Divorced and Scared NO More. We will discuss her take on divorce and what she does to help divorced people and help them recover in a positive way.   Listen to internet radio with Just Breathe on BlogTalkRadio     It is time for a new you a new heart and soul. You have what it takes you are a WINNER™, change awaits you. Heart and Soul,   Brian Nastovski Author Just Breathe™ visit us on the web Read more [...]

Creativity is a Wonderful Thing – Express Yourself

  Creativity is a wonderful thing and I’m always in awe of artists who, during their deepest, darkest moments, created pictures of resplendent beauty and intrigue. However, if you don’t know the front end of a pallet from the back end of an easel, you might struggle to do anything more than blob paint on paper. I’ve never painted anything other than walls, but last week, I threw some thoughts onto a canvas and it was my interpretation of coming out of a nightmare and heading the day Read more [...]

Find A New Comfort Food That You can Freeze or Store Easily

      Find a new recipe for something easy to eat that can comfort you and also something you could make a batch of and freeze or store easily. How about a delicious mixed vegetable curry, a red lentil dahl, cream of chicken soup, cheese on toast with chorizo, or an organic egg boosted rice pudding or custard, just like your nanny used to make. I’m not suggesting you eat your way out of the angst, but your appetite is likely to fluctuate during the particularly stressful bits Read more [...]

42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Fourteen | Tomas

  42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Fourteen | Tomas  Warning some episodes have strong language!       Published on Dec 15, 2012 WritersImprovStudio "This was not the plan. This was not how I thought this was all gonna go. I fucking put myself out there and fell in love and... I'm not enough.' Tomas tells his sister, Maria, that his marriage is over. 'Sam will be fine,' he adds, only for her to blurt out: 'Were we fine?' 4 couples. 6 friends. 5 love stories. 1 intruder. Read more [...]

About Rings of Hope – The Wedding Ring Project.

  Founder Patricia Melnice traveled to South Africa in 2009 and repurposed her wedding ring from her past marriage to help build a home in South Africa for her Zulu friend’s family and orphan children. You can read more about the story of how the Wedding Ring Project came to be in Patricia’s Journals ( Today, in her new home, Lady Fair serves 16 children which is nearly double the number of children who were in her care in 2009. Patricia's decision has  changed Read more [...] — Detox Yoga 1 – 20 min version

  This is a Power Yoga class that zero in on poses designed to detox your body. Detoxify and rinse the spine through lots of twists and other poses that release toxins from your body. Detox yoga helps with weight control, clearing your skin and rev up your energy!             Click Here for a FREE Yoga Merchandise Giveway! Click Here for a FREE Yoga Pose Guide! Search Hundreds of Yoga Download Classes     Would you like to support DASNM?  If so, Read more [...]

Good Things Come To Those Who Look For Them – ChatToCherry Tuesday week 9, by Lisa Cherry Beaumont

      "Good things come to those who wait," simply isn't true! I'll explain in two simple steps how to get good things. Hint: it isn't by sitting on your lower cheeks and waiting for them!       Click here to join the MEMBERS ONLY Club for free click   For more sterling advice to help you in your life visit: by Lisa Cherry Beaumont, Agony Aunt at, first class advice on relationships, career, health and all Read more [...]

Bad Hair Day? 9 Simple Ideas for a Quick Hair Makeovers

  Bad Hair Day?  9 Simple Ideas for a Quick Hair Makeovers A messy bun is always a quick hair makeover.   Add flowers or lace headband the 70‘s inspired types.   There are so many types of braids to do; just pick one and braid it!   Add a hairpin and pin it up   Slicked back that ponytail or flip it thru your hair to make another interesting look.   Braided updos are so cute just do a braid on each side going to the back and then have them come Read more [...]