How to Attract Your Ideal Soul Mate?

Single Again! Now What? Ask Joanie with Dr. Nancy Irwin Today's question is from Dr. Nancy Irwin ( How to attract your ideal soul mate?,   This week’s Single Again! Now What?… Ask Joanie Joanie Winberg Divorce Mentor, Certified Human Behavior Consultant founder of the Single Again! Now What? Radio Talk Show. and the CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children Read more [...]

Your Ex-In Laws Are Quite Unique

Your ex-in laws are an interesting and quite unique set of folks. I am sure that over the course of your married years, you have probably shared some great times and it’s a possibility that over recent months, the tone of your relationship may well have changed. Whether it has stayed close and strong, or deteriorated to a punishing state, you must remember that you have a right to keep them at whatever distance you feel happy with. Indeed, it is sad if you feel you need to draw a line under Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode “Financial Issues Women Face During Divorce”

        Divorce Source Radio Episode   "Financial Issues Women Face During Divorce” Originally aired August 28, 2012     Podcast: Play in new window | Download       In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Megan Stirrat joins us to discuss the financial issues divorcing women face. Megan Stirrat Megan is a Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Read more [...]

Lord Shiva Third Eye Meditation

    Lord Shiva Third Eye Meditation by AnmolMehtaCom Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011     It is said that the Third Eye feeds on attention, and that the more attention you give it, the more it opens and activates. That is perhaps the reason why Lord Shiva Kriya is considered so effective for opening the Third Eye. Its design really leads to a great deal of attention being focused on the Third Eye. Here is how. For doing Lord Shiva Kriya, you will hold Shmabavi Mudra, which is Read more [...]

My Date With The Cable Lady

    The cable company made an appointment for that week to send a representative out to my condo to sign the papers for cable service. So I was not surprised when the security intercom rang and the voice announced itself as being from the cable company. What did surprise me was the very feminine sound of that voice. We sat at my glass kitchen table. She was going through the cable channel options. I was thinking about what an interesting situation this was. She was good looking and well Read more [...]

42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty Seven | Vineke

  42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty Seven | Vineke  Warning some episodes have strong language!         Published on Mar 23, 2013 WritersImprovStudio   Vineke and Peter are having a party. So, whom should they invite: Tomas or Alis? 4 couples. 6 friends. 5 love stories. 1 intruder. 42 seconds of happiness. Featuring the ensemble of the Writers Improv Studio, 42 Seconds of Happiness is a web series made from improvisations which examine with tender honesty Read more [...]

Set a Goal of Walking a Half Hour a Day

        The summer is rolling ever closer towards the autumn; one of my favorite times of the year and along with it comes much kinder weather to enjoy a spot of walking. Cooler days are more inviting for lengthy strolls and a fold up poncho to protect you against a splash of precipitation won’t take up too much room in a backpack, alongside a bottle of water for re-hydration and a sweet snack in case you feel a bit flaky. You don’t have to set a stiff pace for a Read more [...]

Send an Email Regarding the Change

    If you are in the early days of separation or divorce and sorting out new living accommodation. It’s very likely the school and parents of your children's friends will have an email account.   If you can forewarn them with and email of your change in circumstances (without going into detail and no bashing the ex), they will be in the best position to offer additional assistance to your child if needed. Also, if you are struggling financially and have any commitments that need Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode “What to do With The Family Business During Divorce”

        Divorce Source Radio Episode   “What to do With The Family Business During Divorce” Originally aired August 23, 2012     Podcast: Play in new window | Download   Mark Machnic joins us on Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck from The Divorce Expo in Chicago to discuss the process of ascertaining the value of a family business during divorce. Mark Machnic Many families own a company, and when the marriage ends, the business alliance must also be resolved. Mark’s business, Read more [...]

Will the Pain After Divorce Ever Go Away?

      Welcome to Single Again! Now What?... Ask Joanie   Joanie Winberg Divorce Mentor, Certified Human Behavior Consultant and founder of the Single Again! Now What? Radio Talk Show.   Todays guest is Tasher from and the members  question is: Will the pain after divorce ever go away?       Have you ever felt… - Like something was missing in your life? - That your life needed some direction? - That you are just Read more [...]