God Heals All Wounds

Time does not heal all wounds, but God does... So never lose hope... Sometimes you may think of giving up, but as long as our heart beats there is no such thing as never, and although things may not turn out exactly how we want them we must keep trying, and learn to make the best of what we have. Don’t wake me up, don’t you see I am dreaming of a place where I will never let go of your hand… When things get too hard, close your eyes and dream, dream of what you want to happen, and when you Read more [...]

Turn That Grey Day Into a World Of Color

    Color and more color to brighten your day! You can take that dull grey day and turn it into a world of beautiful colors.  I have many said times that painting your body can help you feel better give it a try and remember no one has to know or see but you. On the other hand you very well may want he whole world to see your artistic designs on some days. The imaginative use of color is a remarkable method of raising your spirits and utilizing a splash of it on your body is about Read more [...]

Halloween Safety Tips

    Halloween is here and it is time for things that go bump in the night to come to life in tricks and treats and cardboard and plastic costumes. A lot of people are not aware that Halloween as we know it in America was brought about to have a community celebration to lift spirits after the great depression. Candy came about when pranks over ran the Halloween celebration and neighborhoods began handing out candy in order to keep from being vandalized. (www.history.com) Halloween to Read more [...]

Start With Some Self-Care Tips Today

  The aftermath of a breakup is an extremely stressful, life-changing event.  The strain and upset of a major separation can leave you emotionally and physically at risk. You are going with the emotional wringer and dealing with major life adjustments. Start with some self-care tips:. Aid your recover by scheduling daily time for activities you find soothing and relaxing. Try a 30 minute walk, pay attention to songs and sing along, take pleasure in a warm bath, get a massage, join a class Read more [...]

“Out Of Body Experience”

              Void where prohibited Out of body experiences If exhibited, they are Devoid of nothingness   & unavoidable nonetheless   Devoted souls find a little something more Experiencing the splendor of Visitation rights in un-withered heights Outside our selves intimacy no longer delves In a surrender to a physical connection Damaged by a rigorous love and beleaguered sensuality…   …An out of body experience sets Read more [...]

Increased Creativity? I Guarantee it……. Try the Media Diet Challenge

        If you take the Media Diet Challenge, I guarantee an increase in your creativity, inspiration, problem solving skills and more! The stories here will convince you for sure. Increased Creativity? I Guarantee it....... Try the Media Diet Challenge today! Hi I am David Essel, M.S. the Author 7 books and counting, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life and Business Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Coach and International Speaker. Read more [...]

Meeting the Children For the First Time?

        So, you're in a relationship with someone who has children. You have been with them for a while and things are starting to get serious. They feel comfortable enough with you to introduce you to their kids. You're excited but nervous because now you're about to be judged by the most important people in his life, and they are children! You want to make a good impression but where do you begin?   When I met my stepson for the first time I was a nervous wreck. I wanted Read more [...]

Embrace Change

Embracing Positive Change. So what is change if you’re to embrace it. Can you see it, smell it? Can you taste it? The definition of change is (insert) As we are brought to moments in our lives where we say WOW I get a second chance use that moment as the catalyst to embrace change. Start simply by looking for opportunity to change at work. Grow at work and look for a path that will have you bloom and give your employer the return on their investment in you. Next take a look at your personal Read more [...]

Recommendation for Grieving During your Healing Process

    Allow yourself to grieve for the loss of the relationship.  It is a death of all the dreams that never will be fulfilled and in many cases the person at one time was your best friend. Despair is a natural reaction to loss, and the break up or divorce of a love relationship involves several losses: The loss of someone to share your life with and have companionship and shared encounters. The loss of someone to help, be it financial, intellectual, social, or emotional  The loss Read more [...]

Dating Hardships? Try Online Dating

    Dating is not without its challenges. As someone who had a disfiguring accident at times I have had  difficulties in social situations.  Even though most people don’t see the scars now I do and meeting others has always been one of the biggest issues I have had when trying to date. A friend introduced me to online dating and it changed my personal life as I knew it. Online dating can be an excellent method to meeting other singles, if everyone is upfront about their expectations Read more [...]