Ways on How to Cope With Leaving a Narcissistic Relationship

  Thanks You for reading this article. DASNM has two complimentary gifts for you. You will find the information for the free gifts by Scrolling Down after the article.     Deciding to leave a narcissistic partner can be a tough decision to make. However, things may not get better if you stay in a relationship and you have to accept the fact that being away from each other may be the best for both of you. Leaving a narcissist relationship can be a bitter experience and difficult Read more [...]

Divorce a Step Too Far Perhaps a Judicial Separation

    If your relationship has broken down but you both feel that divorce is a step too far, perhaps because you think there might be a hope for reconciliation in the future, perhaps a judicial separation might be worth considering. It is a way for a married couple to formalize a separation, it isn’t terribly common but it often rears its head as an option when religious objections to divorce are thrown into the mix. It follows much the same procedure as a divorce and financial matters Read more [...]

Divorce in Scotland and Have Low Finances

    If you are applying for a divorce in Scotland and have low finances, you may be exempt from paying those crippling court fees. Some of the circumstances that will allow you to waiver the fees include:- a) If you/your spouse/civil partner receive any of the following:- income support or income based employment and support allowance pension credit guarantee credit working tax credit, including child tax credit (income conditions apply) working tax credit, including a disability Read more [...]

Ten Traits of a Confident Person

    Life after divorce can leave us feeling beaten up and lacking self-confidence.  It can take a bit of time to recover, and it might take a bit of extra effort, as well.  This is only natural after being dealt such a life changing blow, especially if we never saw the divorce coming in the first place.  But what are the traits of a truly confident person?  What makes one person appear more self-assured than the next?  And how do we get our confidence back?    1)  Fake Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio – Questions Women Have About Men

                Podcast: Play in new window | Download   Our guest on the show is the author of the book Seeing With The Heart. William Lacey is a social commentator. Today we talk about the development of “spiritual sight”. His book also shares we all have occasions for the individual growth and change during hard times of trial and change. William provides a man’s view (with Steve’s help) to the most important questions that women wonder Read more [...]

“Balancing Wherewithal”

    Wise men seek solace in Equitable circumstances   Clueless to fair exchange A fool Never takes these chances   So a wise man balances wherewithal Evenly on his handlebars Even as a fool drops the ball…   …Inequity shows its scandal scars   How is there equilibrium? If foolishness prevails Surrender divided…   …Can’t & will not balance scales   God issues wisdom to bear a fool’s withdrawal Retreating from folly walking Read more [...]

Just As The Sun Rises, So You Will Again

    As the nights draw in and the Northern hemisphere heads towards winter, the mornings are darker and no doubt you will hear many people grumbling about it. With the Sun rising a little after 7am, you have a much easier opportunity to observe the sunrise. Don’t just look from an upstairs window, pay attention to the weather forecasts for the next few days and plan to be somewhere with a good view to the East, a hilltop perhaps, or if you are lucky enough to be by the sea a cliff Read more [...]

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga 4 – Preview

  This is a 2 min preview of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga 4 class available on yogadownload Find your mind wandering in yoga class lately? Feel like you need a bit of a jump-start? This is the class for you. Through this Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga class, Dave's energy and enthusiasm will jolt you into a profound and unexpected yoga experience that your body and mind have been craving. Dave's unique and energetic style, combined with his unparalleled expertise, will take you through a Read more [...]

“I Don’t Always Get It Right”

  (For The Woman of My Dreams)   I know I don’t always get it right But when I do It’s like lightning in a bottle unleashed Think of it as a remedy for the common cold I become a man who found his niche My mother prayed for this day to come Although she didn’t live to see it I got a feeling she put a good word in And something greater helped me be it Because I don’t always get it right Heaven knows it’s true How could having this be wrong when what Makes it right is you I Read more [...]

In the UK Apply for the Decree Absolute Within 12 Months

  In the UK once you’ve received your Decree Nisi, you really are jumping over the final fences. You must wait 6 weeks until you apply for a Decree Absolute, which is the legal document that officially signifies the end of your marriage. It is hoped that during this period you will discuss finances and start to put into practice the arrangements you’re making for shared care of children if you have any. However, it is more usually spent ticking the hours and minutes off until you are Read more [...]