You Will Get Over It, In Your Time, In Your Way

  ‘Divorce is crap - get over it!’  It’s a strange take on what could easily be termed one of the most stressful life events, ever, but this is advice that may well be sent your way from acquaintances who have suffered terribly inside their own divorces. For some people, there are no soft boundaries for self-exploration during this difficult time, they prefer to take a cut and dry approach, hence the sharply direct tone in their words. Unemotional pragmatism is all they need to get Read more [...]


    An amazing statement from the Bible is, Psalm 46, that can lift our spirits during challenging times. It is one of the most calming statements that you can repeat to yourself.  It is so reassuring that you are protected. See how this can help you, right now.       Hi I am David Essel, M.S. the Author 7 books and counting, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life and Business Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Coach and International Read more [...]

The Law Society Can Help

  Finding a good solicitor to represent you in your divorce, is a next to impossible task if you have no prior experience to draw upon. Various Internet directories will present you with unfathomable lists of firms who may simply have paid the most amount of money to sit on the top of the respective list; top doesn’t qualify well. Personal recommendation is unquestionably the best way to find somebody, but it doesn’t tend to be the sort of thing one talks much about. In the first instance, Read more [...]

Infidelity and You

It comes with many names, and rarely is it ever accepted – infidelity is one of the single worst acts somebody can commit in a relationship. Trying to deal with the act of cheating, or adultery, can be quite a difficult thing to deal with. The emotional dilemmas as well as psychological barriers it can creates in someone’s mind can be very hard to get over. Whether you have been the victim of infidelity, or have left a relationship because of your own actions, trying to understand just why Read more [...]

Are There Substances That May Block Us From God?

      In our desire to connect more deeply with God, we may be unaware that certain substances actually create a block to our experiences.  If you remove these substances the clarity of purpose, clarity of connection , clarity of communication is so much more readily available.     Hi I am David Essel, M.S. the Author 7 books and counting, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life and Business Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Read more [...]

Rosalind Sedacca from the Child-Centered Divorce Joins the Divorce View Today

  Welcome to The Divorce View Radio Talk Show with your co-hosts, Joanie Winberg and Lisa LaBelle Today's special guest is Rosalind Sedacca from the Child-Centered Divorce     January is dedicated as International Child Centered Divorce Month. Sadly, January has the largest amount of divorces filed. Rosalind and Joanie offer tips on the following topics: - Who is the adult? Are your children parenting you through the divorce or are you parenting your children? - Your kids Read more [...]

Something Better Than This

    On my side Of the fence it’s Hell to bear   On the Other side it’s Heaven over there   I’d like to cross over – that’s why I insist There’s gotta be Something better than this   Heaven is the Elsewhere I seek to be And yet when the hell that I’m in Varies more than one degree Even I lose myself in sin Naturally, drowning in the abyss…   …I’m reaching for something better than this   Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Read more [...]

You After Divorce: a Chinese Vase

Recovering after a divorce is hard. Not only do you have to deal with the ensuing emotional roller-coaster and recovery process, but also with an awful feeling of something having broken inside of you. And it’s no wonder, after divorcing, something indeed broke, and that is that innocent thought of Until Death Do Us Part. You come to realize that that is a very rare flavor of marriage, and you might even start doubting yourself and your ability to obtain it…you might blame your former spouse, Read more [...]

Tempting to Offload Divorce Angst

  It’s awfully tempting to offload divorce angst, onto somebody who really is on your side. Indulging the urge to do so is fine, providing that person isn’t your solicitor.   It’s an expensive mistake to use your solicitor as a counselor and to be honest, unscrupulous ones are unlikely to encourage you to stop. Divorce and the ancillary pain that goes with it, is part of their regular day at the office but never forget, your time is their money.  They may feed from the morsels Read more [...]

Flax Carrot Apple Muffins

Combine 1 ½ cup Flour ¾ cup Flaxseed meal ¾ cup oat flour (by grinding oats in blender) ¾ cup brown sugar 2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsp cinnamon 2 cups pureed or shredded carrots (the first few times I pureed so the kids wouldn't notice the carrots) 2 cups shredded apple   In separate bowl ¾ cup low fat milk 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla   Combine dried ingredients with the wet. Add 1 cup dried cranberries   Combined just until moistened. Fill muffin Read more [...]