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Tasher was divorced on her 26th wedding anniversary, and she embarked on a new life. Yet, after the divorce many times she felt so alone and scared. Even though, she had lots of friends, a wonderful family and a great church, it seemed she searched for someone who understood her roller-coaster of feelings. At times, she felt like no one understood the pain and fear she was feeling. She like many, did seek professional help and encourages others to as well. It can be a wonderful experience to expedite the healing process.

Although her marriage was broken all to pieces, she was not going to let the divorce break her. Tasher has dyslexia yet always enjoyed writing and decided to share with others the things she learned while rebuilding her life.  The logo for the websites inspiration was a set of broken pilot wings (her ex-husband is a pilot).

After healing was accomplished, Tasher quickly discovered that single life was very different from all those years ago. One case in point is dating; there was not an internet back then, and cell phones didn’t exist. Like many, she initially was scared but being a smart businessperson she set up a plan of how to date yet continue to keep her and family safe.

The desire in creating the website, Divorced and Scare NO More, was to try and help others help themselves through shared experiences. She knew many experienced some of the pain and sorrow she had felt, and believed that together people can learn and share to reduce the fear and anxiety of our lives.

The launch of Divorced and Scared No More.com was November 2012 (Tasher’s 50+ Birthday) and quickly received a worldwide following. As she started sharing her experiences, others in-turn shared some of their stories. Many have allowed her to share those experiences, but out of respect for their privacy, some of the information has been changed. The intent of the site is for people to share only what they are comfortable with, without fear of reprisals.

Tasher as well as all contributors on the website share because they have “been there and done that” and understands how it FEELS. This is a shining example of how people have taken the lemons they were given and turned them into a Zesty Lemon Sorbet.

Her view is for people to take the ideas and either accept or reject them to fit in their personal situation. No two people will have identical situations, but in time, her hope is that our shared experiences will guide others through this time in their life with the least amount of trepidation.

Tasher’s  quest to help others forgive the past and rejoice in their new life did not stop with the website. She has contributed to DivorceSupportCenter.com, HopeAfterDivorce.org, The Good Men ProjectSingle Sassy Mom (dot) com, , John Brislin Show – Founding Fatherism, David Essel Alive!,” is heard on iheart radio, Guest Co-Host on Single Again Now What  and guest appearances on Developing a New YOU and
The Divorce View. She is also involved with the Tough Angels Organizations The WeddingRings Project and Wings of Hope

Tasher is single and a mother of three adult children and a proud Grammy to three grandchildren and two step grandchildren. She lives in Houston, TX near her daughter, two grandchildren, three dogs, three cats, two fish and a bunny. She is involved in various animal rescue organization in the Houston area. You can follow Tasher on FB Divorced and Scared NO More and Twitter @Divorced_Scared.

Unless otherwise stated, the contributors are not professionals on this site. As stated previously Tasher has dyslexia; spelling and grammar are NOT her strong suit.  With that in mind this website is not perfect and will have errors.

Thanks for stopping by and if there is anything you see that can improve the site please don’t hesitate to share thoughts and ideas.


Want to Share?

Here’s your chance to share your stories and photos on DASNM.com. You need not be a professional writer.

The most important thing to know is this: to be published in DASNM.com, your piece must be told as a story — as a narrative (as if you are telling your friend) — it must be your original work and no ex-bashing.  DASNM.com is maintained by a small team so we ask your help when submitting stories. Please let us know what category you feel you article would fit best in.

Here are our guidelines to submit a story:

  1. As for monetary compensation — and this always can be a “deal-breaker” — DASNM.com is a labor of love, whose purpose is to provide an interesting, entertaining, and information to those that have survived a divorce. As such, we do not pay for content. Your reward is the pleasure knowing you have shared with others on their journey to turn the lemons life gave them into their very own Lemon Sorbet! Your reward is positive exposure, but there is no guarantee.
  1. Great quality, appealing images are very important to DASNM.com. First, we need you to be a member and have a photo or avatar.  Please fill in your profile including your Biographical Information on the website.  This is very important because when you are published your photo and biographical information will be at the end of the article.
    Second, if you have any other kind of photo or artwork that is relevant to your piece — or if you can find something relevant on the internet that is not under a copyright.  We accept only copyright-free articles and photos with the exception that the copyright holder send us permission to publish.
  2. When we excerpt a book, we always like to link to where it can be purchased.
  3. Please limit pieces to a minimum of 300 words but NO LONGER THAN 500 words … max.  Our goal is to make every piece genuinely interesting if needed make the piece into more than one article. NO PRESS RELEASES. We run stories, not press releases.
  4. DASNM.com reserves the right to edit any submission for language, clarity, grammar, length, appropriate content, demographic appeal, and anything else that improves it in the opinion of DASNM.com editors. This applies also to material labeled as copy written. If it is submitted to DASNM.com we reserve the right to change it.
  5. SPELLCHECK and PROOFREAD the final version.
  6. For uniformity’s sake, inspect the final version to make sure it has only ONE space between words within each sentence, and TWO spaces between the period at the end of a sentence and the first word of the next sentence.
  7. For visual comfort, please SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS with an empty line.
  8. Please make sure the piece is single-spaced.
  9. Please do NOT indent the beginning of new paragraphs.
  10. Any articles to be submitted should be sent (text only) only to the following address: contact@divorcedandscarednomore.com
  11. By inviting a submission, we make no promise of inclusion in, DASNM.com and we make no promise about when or for what duration any submission may be posted.

If you’re still reading and still interested in submitting to DASNM.com, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please send any questions to contact@divorcedandscarednomore.com

Thanks very much!



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