Favoritism/Special Treatment

  Several moms/dads are upset because they are dealing with this unfortunate situation. This is a difficult obstacle to tackle because there may be numerous reasons why mom/dad may be showing favoritism. Guilt and feelings of loss can cause a parent to engage in favoritism without being aware of it. They try to make the most of their little bit of time with their child/ren pleasant and memorable that they fail to realize they are creating an unbalanced situation with all of the children involved. Read more [...]

Meeting the Children For the First Time?

        So, you're in a relationship with someone who has children. You have been with them for a while and things are starting to get serious. They feel comfortable enough with you to introduce you to their kids. You're excited but nervous because now you're about to be judged by the most important people in his life, and they are children! You want to make a good impression but where do you begin?   When I met my stepson for the first time I was a nervous wreck. I wanted Read more [...]