Tips to Get Through the Holiday Season After a Divorce

Here are some tips to get through the holiday season after a divorce!   Getting divorced or separated was never going to be easy. But why make it worse by punishing yourself during the best time of the year, which has to be Christmas. All you need is to plan out things in advance before it gets to you. Things will be different and also, difficult, it is best to prepare yourself and your children, if you have any, mentally and emotionally for the holiday season. If you have separated Read more [...]

Etiquette in Divorce for The Cheater

As the aggressor in a divorce, the cheater should really have no right to be getting in there and using underhand tactics. As somebody who broke the rules in their marriage, resorting to less than friendly tactics and petty, vindictive moves is not going to help anything move on. Remember – you broke your ex’s heart. You cannot possibly expect them to be alright about this, can you? They will be hurt and smarting, and some ex’s in this situation will react in an immature manner. Rather than Read more [...]

Lake Party

          The Fourth of July was coming, and a friend from high school called to ask if I’d like to go on a date with him. A mutual high school friend was having a potluck dinner at his house on the lake. Our friend who was having the party was someone we had not seen since high school, and that was over twenty years ago. We made our dish to pass and packed up our swimsuits just in case there might be a dip in the lake on this hot summer day. My date was told there Read more [...]

Texting Freddy and Eddy

  Social networks, emailing, and texting has become a large portion of our everyday lives. They are also tools we use within our dating world. Personally, I do not allow anyone I am dating to be a “friend” of mine on my social network. With online dating, I have a filtering process. Emailing is the first phase; the next is texting, after talking on the phone then finally the date. Most of the time this has worked very well and my dates are reserved for people whom I share similar interests. I Read more [...]

Life After Divorce and Betrayal: The Betrayed Spouse

  If there is one thing that can be said about divorce is that the feelings and the thoughts that go through our heads can be hard to contend with. Even in amicable finishes to a relationship, divorce opens up many questions that most of us aren’t prepared to answer. However, infidelity and adultery is arguably the worst way a relationship can end. Especially if you need to see them regularly enough for court proceedings, there is basically no way that divorce can be dealt with easily Read more [...]

Is It Okay to Date More Than One Person?

When I was young, if a boy liked a girl, he asked her on a date. In the event that the girl was interested in him, she would accept the invitation. For some reason, we were expected to continue seeing each other and to try to make a relationship work. I know many people still practice this type of dating ritual, and many others married the wrong person because of it. Just because you went out for coffee does not mean that your date is the right person for you. There is nothing wrong with dating more Read more [...]

“Ripe for the Picking?”

      With the loss of any long-term relationship, there will be things you begin to miss. Things like, a nice strong or loving hug from someone of the opposite sex, a smile when they see you walking up, and the list goes on and on.  Fortunately right after my divorce, a good friend came up and said “guard yourself against becoming ripe for the picking.” I had no idea what he meant, so he explained there are people out there that will see that you are vulnerable and try to Read more [...]

Let US Learn from Peter

      Let's take a moment and think about Peter, when he got out of the boat because Jesus asked him. He put his faith in Jesus when he became afraid he started to sink. At that point, he called out for Jesus to help him even though he was afraid and sinking. The other disciples sat safely in the boat they did not take the risk to try. They leaned on the boat, and Peter leaned on Jesus. Faith let's go of the ordinary for a little while so God can do something better. Why are you Read more [...]

Life after Abuse: Talk Yourself Out of Verbal Abuse

  Thanks You for reading this article. DASNM has two complimentary gifts for you. You will find the information for the free gifts by Scrolling Down after the article.   “The language we use to communicate with one another is like a knife. In the hands of a careful and skilled surgeon, a knife can work to do great good. But in the hands of a careless or ignorant person, a knife can cause great harm.”   This quote, which is written by an anonymous author, best sums up what Read more [...]