Amy11 Part Two “My Life as a Child”

      Amy11 Part Two "My Life as a Child" •           Continuation....while growing up I was very average girl running around the butterflies dancing laughing all was part of life. Father was in army so we had not faced poverty much. Our family had fridge, TV, and other things at home but parents were so cruel. I had to do whole household chores started at age of 7 yrs. helping mother to do dishes, wash clothes with hand even when I could not hold detergent bar in Read more [...]

My Story Begins Very far From the USA

    I went thru a lot never drink smoke or any other bad habit of gambling or any sort of drugs I ever used. Sharing my pains make me feel better and others can correlate which make them hurt less too what bad times they went thru or facing in life.   In culture I was born girls were never wanted when I grew up parents wanted me to study nursing so they can step in to USA, I did that and I was a good student even I knew all household work and helped my mother to raise 4 siblings. Read more [...]