12 x 4 x 10 – Diary of Abuse

12 x 4 x 10 - Diary of Abuse by Misty Frith I am a deputy; I protect people like me I am a paramedic; I fix the wounds you cannot see I’m always strong for others, making sure they cannot see The terrified, crying side of me It’s been two years since I asked for help, to keep him away from us Here, we are again in court, dealing with the fuss When I come to Indy, I have to take pills Panic attacks over take me, they come on like chills A scar on my nose, from a punch to the face A scar on Read more [...]

Diary of Abuse October 2000

    He’s been nice while his mom has been here. He helps cook and clean. He still won’t let me take the car myself, he drives me to and from work. There has been no yelling for a few days, its so nice. As I was coming out of work tonight one of the guys threw a cup out the window and hit me with it just joking around. I started laughing at him and got in the car. I knew as soon as I saw Roger’s face I had just messed up. He started yelling at me and asking me how long I had been Read more [...]

Diary of Abuse November 2000

  Diary of Abuse November 2000 by Misty Frith          Went grocery shopping at Wal-mart today. Roger got upset with me because I kept telling him I didn’t have the money for everything he wanted. God does he not realize how hard it is to make it on one income. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it until my finger snapped it hurt so bad I wanted to scream! He said have a fun walk home you selfish bitch, and he left. Please don’t let him leave me here. Its thirty miles to the house, Read more [...]

Diary of Abuse September 2000

  Dear Diary, I made the mistake today talking to Roger about getting a job. It ended in me having a black eye and several kicks to my upper leg. It hurts to walk or bend down. There is a bruise the size of a baseball. Will I ever go a week without a bruise on my body? I can’t keep doing this. **** confronted me today at work. He knows what’s going on. He said he can see it on my face and in my eyes, and in the bruises that he can see on my arms. He said noone runs into things that often, Read more [...]

Diary Of Abuse August 2000

          Roger called me at work tonight and told me **** and his girlfriend are spending the night. I said no they are not, Serena is there, and I don’t want them there and I get off at 2:00 and have to be back at 10:00 am. I told him to make them leave. Couldn’t even put my car in the garage because theirs was in it. Roger came out the door screaming at me to shut the fucking garage door now. He drug me in the house screaming at me. Him and **** and *** girlfriend told me to sit Read more [...]

My Story of Abuse and Divorce

      My story of abuse and divorce begins....... Awaken at 0530 in the morning to the screams of my two girls. I run down the hallway as quick as I can, I had an 8 inch incision across my abdomen from a major surgery a week prior. There was my boyfriend swinging my oldest daughter around by her hair. She was 13. My youngest was hitting him yelling for him to stop. He kept pushing her away, knocking her down. She kept getting back up trying to help her sister. She was 7. I began Read more [...]