Ex Insults Your Sexual Performance

  If your ex lashed out with insults about your sexual performance or pleasing ability, throw that thought out with your next bag of trash. It is likely to be as off kilter as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Insults that cut below the belt have a clever way of niggling away at your very core, but their vitriol is likely to have been fuelled by the stuff that powers them; bilious spite. The truth is, if your existence has descended to this level of horror, there is only one way it can go, back Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Exfoliate Your Ex Completely and Utterly off Your Skin

        If you’re feeling the need to get that ex completely and utterly off your skin, put together a kitchen cupboard exfoliant and head towards the bathroom. Using deliciously edible and completely natural foodstuffs, concoct a gentle scrub to rub all over your body to remove the dead skin cells and sad recent memories. Choose from honey, coconut, porridge oats, grated chocolate, granola, banana, cream, yoghurt, sugar, salt, mixed spice, avocado, or whatever else Read more [...]

Alterations to Eating Regimes are Best Done When You Are Settled

  Cut yourself a large slice of calorific slack while you coast through your divorce and the aftermath.   This isn’t the best time to embark upon a diet of any sort, however much you feel you need to slice a few pounds off your mid or any other regions.   Radical alterations to eating regimes are best done when you are in a settled, confident and committed frame of mind. You need dedication to stick to any new eating plan and if you falter, which you are likely to do (we Read more [...]

We All Are a Day Closer to our Ultimate Sell-by Date

    There’s nothing more sobering than having to watch someone you love stand on the edge of death following an accident or beset with illness. It certainly helps you put inane divorce matters into perspective. Their impending demise can be completely debilitating for you, yet has a persuasive way of making every moment in time count, in an inescapable way. An ex crowing their bitter screech, or whining on like a cow in labor, stands far less chance of penetrating your protective Read more [...]

It’s Easy to Feel Emotionally Scarred

        It’s incredibly easy to feel emotionally scarred by the actions of an unpleasant ex but don’t be frightened off of other members of their gender for life. Take things as slowly as you need to once you’ve come to terms with your divorce and remember that being in a relationship isn’t a necessity, but it can be a wonderful place. Learning to trust again, allowing yourself to love again and letting down the barriers enough to let a new partner into your life Read more [...]

Music Has an Overwhelming Ability to Affect our Emotions

  Music has an overwhelming ability to affect our emotions and alter our state of mind, both adversely and positively. At times when the dreaded divorce paperwork is bearing down upon you, or you have an inordinate amount of form filling in to do, it can help enormously if you have something playing in the background that soothes you while you do so. You probably know what genre of music is likely to work best for you and if you are unable to invest in a new collection, explore the music Read more [...]

Enter the Day With a Personal Mission

  I am a strong believer in the beneficial powers of distraction and whilst I recognize that it doesn’t hold the key to all the answers you seek right now, it can do a great job of taking your mind off of their ever presence. Instead of allowing the hurt in today, why don’t you enter the day with a personal mission to relieve somebody else’s pain. If you have a chum who is down in the dumps, or recovering from a tricky personal time or in recovery from an operation or illness, see Read more [...]

The First Day of Anything Holds Immense Power

The first day of anything holds an immense power to feel quite significant. The first day of a special holiday for example, the first day of a marriage and the first day following the death of somebody very close to you. The first day after you and your spouse split up is likely to resonate with all three of those and more besides. Whether you left them or they left you, the echoes of what should have been happier times fill the void inside you and for a while, it is normal to feel positively Read more [...]

The Law Society Can Help

  Finding a good solicitor to represent you in your divorce, is a next to impossible task if you have no prior experience to draw upon. Various Internet directories will present you with unfathomable lists of firms who may simply have paid the most amount of money to sit on the top of the respective list; top doesn’t qualify well. Personal recommendation is unquestionably the best way to find somebody, but it doesn’t tend to be the sort of thing one talks much about. In the first instance, Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Did the Solicitors Cost More Than Money

The desire to fight back after an unjust divorce can be overbearing and exhausting.   When you were dealing with the wording in a petition that had been served to you, maybe you or your spouse contested it and went back with a counter petition.  Was it really worth it?  Did some of those actions and reactions cause part of the pain you feel today?  The only folks that profited were the respective solicitors.   Consider the benefits of simply rolling with it, and letting it go.  Read more [...]