The Healing Therapy of Writing and Art

    At a cancer conference this fall, there was an enlightening session on using writing and art as a therapy for healing cancer. As I sat there listening to cancer survivor after survivor tell how they drew great peace and understanding from various forms of channeling their inner selves, it dawned on me that this is very much like therapy for people recovering form divorce. Some of the people talked about reaching their inner selves with singing, others with dancing, others from writing. Read more [...]

Two Wild Dogs Fighting and Title of My Books…

      People often ask me where the titles of the three "Dogs" books comes from, and I tell them that a few weeks after I was served with papers by the sheriff, a close friend of mine, someone who had gone through his own train-wreck of a divorce, handed me this story, and It became a guiding light for me, even after the divorce times were behind me. "The old Indian chief was teaching wisdom to his young grandson as they sat together on the mesa beneath the starry night sky. He explained Read more [...]

The King of the Mountain

    “Only mediocrity is safe. Therefore, be the best, and get prepared to be attacked.” ~Paulo Coelho   Despair permeated his teenage body, and his spirit. I could feel and smell his dejection as we sat inches apart in the front seat of The Red Scorpion after driving home from his Scout meeting that night. I partially understood the abyss he was teetering on, but I doubted the ability of any words of mine to relieve him. I just hoped that he would eventually understand Read more [...]

Sex After Divorce (for Mature Audiences Only)

    ...Over the years, one day at a time, the role for each partner in a bed evolves. Slowly what each needs from the other may not even be the simple animal coupling. It becomes about control and power, giving and taking, bartering and trading. About giving in or holding out. About comfort and belonging. If one gave it, then the other would get up with any sick child that night, and let the other sleep in the next morning. If the other gave it, the first would tell a little secret Read more [...]

Night Magic Walks and A Date That Showed Me I Can

    Dark nights hold a magical attraction. Dark winter nights, especially. Primeval powers swirling around me, luring me, drawing me into their grasp, removing the scales from my eyes to reveal the inner vortexes of the night universe, of my connections with the divine. Smelling the brine of the ocean in Long Island Sound at low tide, the aromas were even more sweet in the blackened panorama when competing visual inputs are absent. And sounds! Oh My Dear Sweet God, what sounds I hear Read more [...]

Parents Without Partners

    The wife of a friend from work called one day to say she had a bunch of girlfriends that had a loose organization called “Parents Without Partners.” Mainly women, but they tried to recruit men, too. People who have no mate, usually through divorce, sometimes through death. They get together every couple of weeks. Would I like to come? Two evenings later, a (male) friend from work and I walked into the Southport Brewery, an upscale/yuppie restaurant. The girls were already Read more [...]

Inconvenient Truths

    From "The Dogs of Divorce" By William Kenly The late-night hour brought no relief from the smothering summer air. Even the sounds of the crickets were muffled by the thick air. The dense air held the smell of the trees and the dead leaves from the woods beyond the driveway. Breathing was an effort. The humid air pressed close to my face, my chest, my body. Even the drops of sweat trying to ooze from my pores required effort because the humid air encased me. Not like a protective Read more [...]

Healing – I Vowed to Never Have a Beige Life Again

  I was giddy almost every evening as I returned from work to my new condo by the sea. First, I would close the door, and then I would listen. Nobody. Silence. Then I would think about what I wanted to do, asking myself whether I wanted to have a drink, have dinner, walk on the beach, take a nap, or ANYTHING. My life was suddenly devoid of schedules and “Have-to’s.” The wall of pictures in the hallway. Of all the kids. Of the brothers and sisters and of Mom and Dad. I painted Read more [...]

Four Things That Helped Me

    When I read a newbie's story, it takes me back a few years to the divorce time. For you who are going through this now, here are my thoughts about how to make it:Here are four things that helped me:1) I needed strong physical exercise every day to sweat the bile out of my body. I biked or kayaked or went to step class every day. Your muscles get tensed up, then the blood doesn't flow through them and bring the oxygen and take away the CO2, and your muscles become poisonous. Then there Read more [...]

Sign Post on the Journey, Part IV

  (This is the fourth in a series that traces a segment of the spiritual journey I took after my train-wreck of a divorce after twenty-fours years and three children. It is an excerpt from the book, "The Dogs of Luck" by William Kenly. The book itself contains 50 short stories. William Kenly also wrote "The Dogs of Divorce" and recently "The Dogs of Cancer", and the final book in the quartet, "The Dogs of Business" will be out mid-year 2014. All are (or will be) available on Amazon and B&N Read more [...]