The Will To Live

I find Myself dozing off   And tossing & turning in my head   Literally haunted by things I’ve read I know this life is short Today I stand stronger To bear witness that the Life of a tree is longer Even though a fly’s life is not as long…   …Their will to live is strong   Reawakened I now watch the sky Envisioning my life when I die So that in my strife when I cry The will to live will show me that I Live with love in abundant supply Every tree Read more [...]

“My Decision Making Process”

    How does one choose without wisdom? Unless one has chosen to lose Most of us seek out a wise one Before we ourselves have to choose Lots of fool-hearty have learned this Embarrassed at first by display Distinctly my decision making process…   …Was cobbled together this way   My wisdom You know, was bass-ackwards   And I suffered by choice to Summarize So now I won’t make a decision…   …Without first a word from the wise     Follow Read more [...]

“This World Roped Into Atonement”

    This world is in a bind Heartless hopeless in decline I hope it can use a token Severed when my heart was broken   Will it then be unbound? Out there open world renown Roped into atonement Lassoed in the moment Decline no more, cruel world of mine   We can free ourselves combined And rise up to where God’s throne went Roped into atonement   Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other books on SpiritChili A Read more [...]

The Magical Number Nine

Nine multiplied by any number Is equal to the number nine Nine times the seventh wonder Equals 63 and 6 plus 3 – the bottom line is 9   If 9 times 3 is 27 and 2 plus 7 is 9 So on & so on, 9 must be divine   And so we all dress to the nines   Mankind survives on nine-to-fives A 9th month comes and a child arrives God conceived a 9 to shine In my mind I see nine by design Counting all else as benign   Nine is a magic number Underrated & unencumbered May Read more [...]

“For Every Breakdown, There’s A Breakthrough”

      “For Every Breakdown, There’s A Breakthrough” For every breakdown there’s a breakthrough Over to the sunny side Life will take down – but Love will take you On to pastures green & wide With every breakdown there’s a breakthrough God provides   Growth lays its stake down and remakes you On the milk & honey side Does its shakedown – won’t forsake you So growth is never satisfied   For every breakdown there’s a breakthrough On Read more [...]


A life that’s weathered pain Can see the silver lining Clouded visions you sustain Even when the sun is shining Standing in your reign – shrouded by what you’re designing So much more to gain – by simply redefining   Gracious God communicates Revelations through the sun And the spirit penetrates None or all or maybe one Today reiterates Every lesson worth combining Decide joy is your fate…   …And you’ll see the silver lining     Follow me on Facebook Read more [...]

Everybody Hurts

Everybody hurts Vulnerable types hurt faster Everybody flirts with disaster   Once I understood this to be true Florescent lights lit up my mind   Double digits dabbled In my dreams So my pain would not appear unkind Covert really, how One tender kiss converts Vandals into victims Each time we sound alerts Reducing Yards to inches…   …Everybody hurts     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and some of my other books on SpiritChili A Read more [...]

“What If I Should Find It? (The Breakthrough Part II)”

                “What If I Should Find It? (The Breakthrough Part II)”     What if I should find it? I mean find what I found odd Let my soul be led into Leaps of faith in God   Please be Open minded Will you not or with a nod Exercise your options and Remove me from the squad?   Fence me in behind it On the grounds of your façade Understand with nothing other than the hand of God No weapon formed to bind Read more [...]

“Blink” and “A Can Of Whoop Ass” by Tony Haynes

     “Blink” Believe me, in the blink of an eye Life can end and send one off to glory It’s up to us to link and ink our own life story Now blink & link with me – in sync with our youth Keep the ink distinct… …And link love with the truth     “A Can Of Whoop Ass”   A can of whoop ass doesn’t really   Come in a can And a can of whoop ass is Never closed   Opening a can is Fundamental   Whoop ass is as I suppose Hardly Read more [...]

“I Can’t Help But Feel Connected”

               “I Can’t Help But Feel Connected”   I can’t help but feel connected Necessarily in some way Special, shielded & protected In my quest through every day Gladly part of something greater Narrowed down and then selected I with the world of my Creator Feel I truly am connected I can hear the wind, smell the flowers Cry out when oceans are in pain And I’m in touch with higher powers Need I furthermore explain? To Read more [...]