Afraid? #1 Thing You Need After You Decide to Divorce

    When you realize you’re about to face divorce – the end of a relationship you vowed would last forever – there is only one adjective to describe your feelings: FEAR. Even if you’re the one who is making the decision not to try again, you are scared. Because you’re facing the unknown. And that can always make one fearful. I resisted the prospect of divorce until it became so clear that it was necessary for my health and self-preservation, it almost slapped me in the face. Read more [...]

A Little Motivation for 2014

    My, my it’s 2014. A New Year. Another opportunity to start again. It’s funny, because I distinctly remember a discussion with my ex after a horribly bad patch in our relationship. It centered on trying to start again, because we both knew it was impossible to start over. I think about that discussion almost every New Year because now that I am divorced, I think of this time of year as MY personal opportunity to start again. I have a fresh canvas and new colors in my life’s Read more [...]