A Date May be Different than They Present Themselves Online

Many times when doing an online profile, people stretch the truth and Bridget seemed to be an expert. Rodney had been communicating with Bridget for about a month, and they finally decided to meet and go out for dinner date. When Rodney got to the restaurant, he noticed her weight was more like 195 pounds not 110 pounds. That was just the beginning of the interesting differences in her profile. As they were eating, she mentioned her 24-year-old son. Rodney a few moments later he was reminded that Read more [...]

The Cross Dresser

    While checking my online dating site, I received a wink and an email. I clicked to see the profile of the gentleman. The photo was of what looked like an attractive female. I am a very curious person and just had to see what was going on. The first thing I read was that this gentleman was a cross dresser… Reading the rest of his profile, he seemed to be a very nice Christian man that just happens to like to wear women’s clothes. I emailed him to say thank you for the wink and Read more [...]

Darrel had an Interesting Path to Finding His Love

    Darrel met Angie in the local hardware store when she asked him if he knew which cordless drill worked the best. She explained she needed to do repairs on the wood fence in her yard. By the end of the shopping tips, they had exchanged numbers and agreed to meet for dinner and a movie the next Friday night. Darrel arrived at the restaurant first and was seated promptly. After about five minutes, Angie called to say she was running late and would be there in a couple minutes. Thirty Read more [...]

The Crazy Psychiatrist

        Barbie called and told me she decided it was time I started dating, and she had found this fabulous man for me. He is a very well known, published and respected psychiatrist. He also owns several facilities in multiple states. She asked me if she could give him my number, and I said sure, what do I have to lose? He called me, and we ended up talking on the phone for a couple weeks and I must admit, he seemed pleasant, so I decided to join him for lunch. Every time Read more [...]

A Stranger is a Future Friend that I haven’t Learned Their Name Yet!

  I am happy that in my life and here is an example why. The woman I viewed as my “best friend” for over three decades told her cousin I had gotten divorced and gave him my number. I lived on one side of the country, and he lived on the other. We texted, emailed, and talked on the phone for about three months. I asked him if he was involved with anyone and he always reassured me that there was no one in his life. He then asked me to come and visit him since I had not been anywhere in Read more [...]

Night Magic Walks and A Date That Showed Me I Can

    Dark nights hold a magical attraction. Dark winter nights, especially. Primeval powers swirling around me, luring me, drawing me into their grasp, removing the scales from my eyes to reveal the inner vortexes of the night universe, of my connections with the divine. Smelling the brine of the ocean in Long Island Sound at low tide, the aromas were even more sweet in the blackened panorama when competing visual inputs are absent. And sounds! Oh My Dear Sweet God, what sounds I hear Read more [...]

Parents Without Partners

    The wife of a friend from work called one day to say she had a bunch of girlfriends that had a loose organization called “Parents Without Partners.” Mainly women, but they tried to recruit men, too. People who have no mate, usually through divorce, sometimes through death. They get together every couple of weeks. Would I like to come? Two evenings later, a (male) friend from work and I walked into the Southport Brewery, an upscale/yuppie restaurant. The girls were already Read more [...]

Don’t Skip Dating Rules

    Due to a really hectic schedule I wasn’t able to make my normal preparations for a first date. My date was a successful businessman, and we were to meet at a very nice restaurant in Midtown. I thought what the heck I can skip a few of my dating rules. I know what you are thinking, famous last words and you were right! We sat at a table in the middle of the room. After I sat down, I noticed he looked really different than his picture. There was just something about his sideburns. Read more [...]

Date a Private Security Contractor?

  When I am working on something, I become extremely focused on the task at hand, and I do not pay much attention to the things going on around me. This also includes times when I am doing my volunteer work. Meeting someone to date is the farthest thing from my mind. One day at the local community center I was decorating for a party for underprivileged children. While trying to decorate the room I literally ran into a gentleman that was trying to help. We both dropped everything all over the Read more [...]

Don’t Trust in Others Background Checks

Matchmaker services and many online dating site do background checks on the people they take as clients. That is one reason why most people pay the extra money for a matchmaking service. Keep in mind when dealing with matchmakers, very often you still have to do your own homework. The matchmaker service my friend Trish was using would tell her a little bit about the person, and then she would look at the photos and descriptions of the person. Trish never found anyone that was appealing to her until Read more [...]