Date a Private Security Contractor?

  When I am working on something, I become extremely focused on the task at hand, and I do not pay much attention to the things going on around me. This also includes times when I am doing my volunteer work. Meeting someone to date is the farthest thing from my mind. One day at the local community center I was decorating for a party for underprivileged children. While trying to decorate the room I literally ran into a gentleman that was trying to help. We both dropped everything all over the Read more [...]

Don’t Trust in Others Background Checks

Matchmaker services and many online dating site do background checks on the people they take as clients. That is one reason why most people pay the extra money for a matchmaking service. Keep in mind when dealing with matchmakers, very often you still have to do your own homework. The matchmaker service my friend Trish was using would tell her a little bit about the person, and then she would look at the photos and descriptions of the person. Trish never found anyone that was appealing to her until Read more [...]

Emotional Attraction is Stonger than Physical – Remember It’s Not Easy Being Green

    I started seeing Devin who is very funny and I totally enjoyed his company. The more I got to know him the more interested I became. As I have mentioned before, emotional attraction is what normally makes people more physically attractive to me. A man’s personality is what I am attracted to and if they make me laugh they are on the fast track to physical attraction. The night after the election (Nov 2012) we had a social gathering with a number of friends from the neighborhood. Read more [...]

Blind Dates Can Be a Dream or a Nightmare

  Have you ever had a friend set you up for a blind date with a “guy who would be perfect for you,” only to experience the worst evening of your life? As a single woman in the city, I regularly had friends offering to set me up with some “great guy” they knew. I always waved away the suggestions, until one day, my friend Leslie told me about her husband’s college buddy, who had recently moved into the city. She said Jeffrey was tall, attractive, and educated, and raved about how perfect Read more [...]

It Was as if I had Never Seen Her Before

  The neighbor, Katerina, hooked me up with a friend of hers, Mary. I found a friend for Katerina, and we all double-dated at the Blue’s Café. Mary and I left early to get out of the noise and to have a cigarette. We went to the Rusty Scupper, where we sat at the bar and exchanged life stories. I started to appreciate how gentle and pretty Mary was. But no spark. Katerina and my friend joined us a couple hours later. Evidently no spark there either. Carol and I met through an online dating Read more [...]

It is Good to be Prepared but….

  Liz was enjoyable to be around. The Parents Without Partners lead lady called me a few weeks after the restaurant meeting with the six women to see if I was still available, because she had a good friend who was very classy and had broken up with her boyfriend, and she called to see if I was interested. Liz turned out to be very classy, and we had a lot in common. An easy friendship. We met for lunch the first time, and then for dinner and a play. Her old boyfriend was still on her mind, Read more [...]

The 9/11 Widow

        The 9/11 Widow One of the first profiles online that caught my attention was a lady who wanted to talk instead of meeting just now. That was fine with me because she sounded intelligent and I wanted to slow myself down a little. She was always logged on. Even at 3 a.m. Dating websites show the world many things about you, like when you were on line. And she was always on line. Day in and day out, like she was listening for someone. On the third phone call, she Read more [...]

The Lady Divorce Attorney

  During one of our first phone chats, I had offered her dinner. She agreed to meet me at a restaurant in Belmont. I got there early and got a table in the back and struck up a conversation with the waitress. It was slow that night, and so we talked on and off for half an hour. She was a cute woman, British accent, athletic body, full lips, and great smile. From her standing position beside my table, she could see the front door. She reported to me on everyone who walked in and speculated Read more [...]

First Date with Alicia

          Alicia, one of the ladies at the Southport Brewery that night, was the only one I really sparked with. I went to her house the next Saturday afternoon. She lived beside the Belmont Golf Course, and it had just snowed. Her three girls were with dad that weekend (an “A” weekend), so we had the house to ourselves. I never did meet her girls. Not that I wanted to. I came to understand that moms protect their kids, and an introduction to a new man is a big Read more [...]

My Date With The Cable Lady

    The cable company made an appointment for that week to send a representative out to my condo to sign the papers for cable service. So I was not surprised when the security intercom rang and the voice announced itself as being from the cable company. What did surprise me was the very feminine sound of that voice. We sat at my glass kitchen table. She was going through the cable channel options. I was thinking about what an interesting situation this was. She was good looking and well Read more [...]