Deciding to Date … Again

            Deciding to date after a divorce can be a daunting task.  Although once you  hit a certain age it seems like every person you meet has been divorced at least once, many people bring with them various types of baggage into new relationships.  That can be a lot to carry around in a relationship. If you date before you've dealt with your own baggage then it's likely you'll attract people who are in similar places in life.  That is to say, maybe Read more [...]

Is It Okay to Date More Than One Person?

When I was young, if a boy liked a girl, he asked her on a date. In the event that the girl was interested in him, she would accept the invitation. For some reason, we were expected to continue seeing each other and to try to make a relationship work. I know many people still practice this type of dating ritual, and many others married the wrong person because of it. Just because you went out for coffee does not mean that your date is the right person for you. There is nothing wrong with dating more Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio – Conscious Dating After Divorce

    Do you ever find yourself questioning why you are attracted to the “bad boy” or “bad girl”, the addict, the emotionally and or legally unavailable human being, it’s important to “open up the hood and look underneath”.       Podcast: Play in new window | Download   Welcome to this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, on today's show the topic is Conscious Dating and our guest is Elizabeth J. Tupling, MS, TLLP. Elizabeth is a psychotherapist Read more [...]

Relationship — Were you one of the lucky ones who stumbled on Mrs. / Mr. Right soon after your divorce or their divorce?

    Does everything about him/her feel right yet you are starting to doubt yourself and your feelings only because of other people’s judgment?  Does your relationship feel right yet you still wonder?  Watch for clues that your relationship is going too fast.  You know or should know if you have become the rebound person.  Many friends, family member’s even complete strangers will advise you not to date a divorced man or woman until at least a year after his or her divorce, that Read more [...]

A Man’s View Regarding Where you Should try to Meet People of the Opposite Sex.

  I frequently ask people to give me their views on what information should be shared on the website.  I received this in an email today.  It is very straight forward and to the point. - Tasher A man’s view regarding where you should try to meet people of the opposite sex. First off, let’s get something out of the way immediately. We’re guys, if you have a pulse, no ring and a vagina; hell even with a ring for some, you’re available. However, the chance of finding the Read more [...]

What is love?

      What is love? To answer this enormous question I think it's important to, first of all, look at what love is NOT. All too often jealousy, mistrust, expectation, desperation and loneliness are mistaken for love. A person becomes fixated on another because they're not happy with themselves or are dissatisfied with their life. They attract a partner similar to themselves who is seeking to fill the void in their own life; someone to take on the mammoth task of making them Read more [...]

Dealing with Dating Burn-Out

  Have you ever thought to yourself “Are there any normal people out there to date?” That is the way I feel right now. At times, I think “all of these people are single for a reason.” Then I remember “I am one of those people and I am normal.” I am not sure what the reason is, but I seem to attract some of the more “colorful people” to date. Most of the time I laugh it off, but after a while I get the dreaded dating burn out. We all know the symptoms, and it is no surprise when Read more [...]

Do You Love More?

  When in a relationship are there times when it seems you put so much more than your partner does? Here are a couple reasons why you could attract a partner where you love more than they love you. If either of these examples applies to you, there is a high likelihood you will end up with a partner just like your ex. Did one or both of your parents not give you love and attention you needed as a child? You may believe that people just don’t love as deeply as you do. Because of this, you Read more [...]

DUMP the Checklist but Don’t Settle

    What on earth would be the point in settling for someone you are not totally in love with? That is like asking if you would still eat chocolate even if you can't taste anything. Why even bother having a relationship in the first place? This is a sure sign that you are settling for someone when you shouldn't be. When you say things like; this is your chance, you just don’t want to be alone, you’re tired of dating, there are billions of people in this world and you could learn Read more [...]