A Perspicacious Dater vs. A Serial Dater

    Just what is a Perspicacious Dater? A Perspicacious Dater has keen mental perception and an understanding they are discerning. If there is no spark, perspicacious daters do not believe in wasting each other’s time. They do understand no one is perfect on a first date including themselves. If there is even a small spark, they will see where that leads. Sometimes it may just lead to having a new friend or a wonderful relationship. In the world of Internet Dating, perspicacious daters Read more [...]

Run From the Always Right Person

      “Get the facts first. You can distort them later.” -  Mark Twain   The last man I dated told me the first night I meet him that he was always right, no ifs, butts, or maybes. I thought he was joking, he even laughed when he said it. Well oh my, he really was serious. Come to think of it my ex-husband would also say he was always right. Maybe there is a trend here I need to learn from. With both men, if we ever disagreed they would push their point even if they Read more [...]


Self-reflection Following a Divorce Taking a good sober look at oneself following a divorce is scary but necessary.   Why do so many of us get stuck in a relationship filled with boredom, anger, disrespect, sadness and even violence? Is it because we, for whatever reason, settle? We become attached, afraid to leave, afraid that we might never find love again and end up alone. For most people, the root of this problem is usually a lack of self awareness: we know ourselves too poorly. Understandably, Read more [...]