Home Testing Products

    We all have heard about the people that get all kinds of things for free to test and try. I have signed up for these programs also, but the biggest thing I got for all my work signing up was a few little sample products. The other day on television once again I saw people that seem to be getting all kinds of good things to try. Some of them had blogs, and they review the items or services on their blogs. It’s not just products. They also review entertainment spots, dinner Read more [...]

Tips to Pay off Credit Card Debt Faster

  Credit card debt is like a snowball that is rolling down a hill very quickly. Before you realize it, the debt has become large, and out of control. If you are reading this article, it is probably time you take steps to manage your debt. This is a list of tips to tackle your credit card debt and pay it off faster. 1. Don’t add to the debt and learn how much you owe. Stop using your credit cards by using them you are only adding to the debt, and making the situation worse. Read the credit Read more [...]

Two Hints for Your Food Budget When you Need to Live Frugally

  Remember these two hints for your food budget when you need to live frugally: Ramen noodles are known as the “I am broke food,” just because you may need to be a frugal doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. You can jazz up Ramen Noodles in many different and stick to a budget friendly price. They only cost ten to fifteen cents a package when they are on sale at most supermarkets. We will continue to add Ramen Noodle recipes as we find them. Macaroni, pasta, or rice combined with half Read more [...]