Dissolution of a Financial Enterprise

Let’s talk business: marriage is the formation of an enterprise, a merger of two separate, entities with equal rights. And a divorce is, dissolving a business deal gone badly. You have to deal with your joint assets and assess your individual financial situation. Seeing marriage from a monetary perspective might seem cold and unfeeling, but it’s a matter of life we all have to deal with. As you had to adapt your finances when you married, so will you need to do it again during and after your Read more [...]

Important Information Regarding Life Insurance / Divorce and the NEED to Protect Your Children!

  I read the article about changing your will after a divorce “Your Ex Could Profit From Your Death Unless You Update Your Will” and it prompted me to tell my story dealing with divorce, children and life insurance.  My hope is that after reading my story, people will understand the importance of having life insurance and most importantly choosing beneficiaries wisely. I’m a 31 year old single mother of a 4 and 7 year old from Louisiana. I have been officially divorced for 2 years Read more [...]

Splurge After Your Divorce?

Everyone understands that a divorce can be a long, hard procedure. Given all the feelings and anger that has been vented, it can be a very draining process that can last months and in many cases years. As quickly as the dust settles, lots of recently divorced individuals will feel the urge to treat themselves. They feel they are entitled to a splurge after sustaining all that suffering? The feedback I have heard, sadly, is "it depends".   Many individuals feel like they need a pick-me-up Read more [...]

“You cannot beat the system, but you can win at the game. The game is to keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket.”

  While growing up, my father would always tell me “You cannot beat the system, but you can win at the game. The game is to keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket.” Every year I get my budget and bills then review them closely to see where I can save money.  Here are some of the things I have done, if you have any to add please let me know!   Last year I got rid of cable, got a Roku  then started streaming along with my digital TV antenna and my Tivo.   I enjoy all my shows, Read more [...]

Deals on Used Exercise Equipment

    Working out at home can save the monthly expense of a gym membership. It is also nice to have equipment, in addition to your gym membership, in case you have to stay home and take care of the kids..... Exercise equipment can be a substantial investment not only for your wallet but also your health. Buying used exercise equipment can unquestionably save you thousands of dollars. You have to know what to look for and when not to buy. Many times people buy a room full of good intentions, Read more [...]

Fix Grocery Store Mistakes

  A few mistakes at a grocery store can cost you a bundle. Here are a few minor adjustments that could cut your grocery store bill quite drastically. Before going grocery shopping, it is always best to take an inventory of what you have in your cabinets. Then plan your meals around what you already have at your home. As you’re planning your meals, make your grocery list of the minimal items you will now need to purchase. Look to see how much stuff is actually marked down very often you Read more [...]

Uses for Coffee Grounds

  Many of us love a nice cup of coffee to get us going in the morning. Did you know that you can find get even more uses for the leftover grounds? There are so many everything from beauty tricks to odor reducers and pest repellents.   FACIAL EXFOLIATION MASK: Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds with 1 teaspoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoonful Shea butter. Mix together till you have a paste-like consistency. Apply on your face by rubbing your fingers in small circles. Let dry for 15 Read more [...]

Home Testing Products

    We all have heard about the people who get all kinds of things for free to test and evaluate. I have signed up for these Home Testing programs over the years but the biggest thing I got for all my work signing up was a few little sample products.   The other day on television once again I saw people who seem to be getting all kinds of good things to try. Some of them had blogs, and they review the items or services on their blogs.   It’s not just products. They also Read more [...]

Frugal and Green Household Tips!

    Using your money wisely allows you to do more of the fun things you want to do. Many times these wise financial choices are also green and healthy choices. I'm going to share some of my frugal ideas for around the house. Little things that make a big difference and require very little effort. 1. Organize your refrigerator and pantry. If you have everything organized, number one it will look nicer. Second, when you're making your shopping list you just need to glance in and you Read more [...]

10 Ways to Saving More and Spending Less

      This is the time to start saving money and spending less. It is hard stretching the income just to meet the bills. Managing money after a divorce is a big job. Here are a few things that will help, and most are really pretty easy to stick to.   1. Create a Budget Identify all your monthly bills and pay them as the paycheck arrives. If your bank/credit union has a bill paying system use it. This is a very good tool to help keep you organized and pay all your bills Read more [...]