A Little Motivation for 2014

    My, my it’s 2014. A New Year. Another opportunity to start again. It’s funny, because I distinctly remember a discussion with my ex after a horribly bad patch in our relationship. It centered on trying to start again, because we both knew it was impossible to start over. I think about that discussion almost every New Year because now that I am divorced, I think of this time of year as MY personal opportunity to start again. I have a fresh canvas and new colors in my life’s Read more [...]

Time to Make New Holiday Traditions After Divorce

    The first holiday season after divorce can be quite hard because it may mean it’s the first holiday you’ve spent alone. Many families have holiday traditions, and if you’re family is newly separated or divorced it can be difficult to figure out the new holiday traditions after divorce. Whether the tradition was ordering Chinese takeout on Thanksgiving, or opening presents in new Christmas pajamas-you’re lost as to what to do now that you’re alone for the holidays.   There Read more [...]

Women & Self Esteem: 3 Easy Steps

    While there are thousands of steps to increase our self esteem, self love, here are 3 that women can put into action immediately.   Hi I am David Essel, M.S. the Author 7 books and counting, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life and Business Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Coach and International Speaker. My mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life. The 100% purely Read more [...]

Divorce is an Opportunity to Discover Who You Want to Be

        In the years after my divorce, while hanging on (barely) to my sanity, to my precious and drastically reduced income and to my children and job, I recognized a fork in the road about myself. I could copy myself to recreate the previous 24 years, or I could explore new challenges.  Divorce is an Opportunity to Discover Who You Want to Be! I was amazed how closed my church world was to these new ideas and how open my new apartment neighbors were. I had eye-opening Read more [...]

New Friends Can be Like a Window

    Mookie’s condo was #219, directly across the hall from mine. She had bought it a year earlier, shortly after her husband, her soul mate, had died. There was a quarter of a century between Mookie and me, but we became best friends, sharing wine and dating stories nearly every day. I suppressed a covetous smirk as I looked into Mookie’s condo that first September afternoon. As I walked through her door, my eyes went directly through the living room and then out over the ocean. Read more [...]

My Condo / Myself

        Much about my understanding my divorce was embodied in my bed in condo by the ocean. It was a queen-sized bed. At the time I bought it, I thought that a king-sized bed would have been too much money for my recently reduced budget. It was bigger than the 1/2 of the king-sized bed that had been my share for years, I consoled myself. I did not have to share this bed, which made my actual queen-sized bed-space larger than I was used to. I didn’t have to make sure Read more [...]

Yoga Pants and Unexamined Assumptions

  By Noah Brand editor-in-chief of the Good Men Project   Noah Brand responds to The Frisky’s criticism of a Good Men Project article.     Over at The Frisky, Amelia McDonell-Parry has some sharp criticism of Nathan Graziano’s piece here at the Good Men Project, “Yoga Pants Nation“. Ms. McDonnell-Parry writes: "Newsflash Nathan Graziano: Not everything women do is done with men in mind. Just because you find someone sexy, doesn’t mean she’s being sexy for Read more [...]

I’m One Selfish Mother … (Part 2 of 2)

  By Gretchen Schiller Link to “One Selfish Mother” – PART 1 of 2 Excerpt from PART 1: Last year Mother’s Day was hands down the worst day of my life since my divorce. I felt like a single mother, in an entirely new way…I hated that my tiny apartment rivaled playhouses of wealthy children in the area. I hated my lame-ass Dollar Store paper towels. I hated sharing my bedroom with a 3-year-old. I hated my new life…Charles was away on vacation, my ex-in-laws were out-of-town and Read more [...]

I’m One Selfish Mother… (Part 1 of 2)

  By Gretchen Schiller PART 1  of a  2-Part Series: I’m One Selfish Mother… Have you ever wanted to do the right thing but you just can’t? Heart twisting, turning, wanting to do the right thing, but you just can’t? I. Just. Can’t. The initial blog piece I wrote a few days ago encouraged everyone out there to find a single mother among friends or colleague at work and take 20 seconds to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!!” Because, chances are, she may not hear it from anyone Read more [...]

Brace Yourself. Permission to speak?

  By Gretchen Schiller Right now you and I are hanging out in my apartment. Welcome! It’s nighttime. We are lounging lazily in our cozy pjs on my super soft, olive loveseat. Our backs are nestled into the corners, leaning into the security of the big armrests. Our feet are on the center cushion, mine on the left, yours on the right. Did you just get a pedicure? Your feet look so cute! Love that color. We sit up for a bit to stuff our faces with pizza. Man, I love pizza. With full bellies Read more [...]