Online Dating Mission : FAIL

      by Gretchen Schiller   Did someone sign me up for the FBI and forget to tell me? Worse, forget to give me one of those cool jackets? Because online dating is without a doubt a FBI manhunt. An endless, exhausting pursuit for the “Most Wanted” man: dangerously loyal, wickedly intelligent, and terrifyingly thoughtful with a bold appearance that is a proven threat to all single women. I’m a diligent special agent. I adhere to the manhunt dress code. Shower, put Read more [...]

Having Your Smart Phone Work for You

They passed the email stage of getting to know you and you feel comfortable giving them your cell phone number, let your smart phone help you. Smart phones have many areas in the address book you can put information about the person. Here are a few things I do, and it has served me very well over time.   Start by putting the person’s name in, first name in its location. The last name is a little different;  first put in the last name then follow it with where I meet him and his username Read more [...]

A Date May be Different than They Present Themselves Online

Many times when doing an online profile, people stretch the truth and Bridget seemed to be an expert. Rodney had been communicating with Bridget for about a month, and they finally decided to meet and go out for dinner date. When Rodney got to the restaurant, he noticed her weight was more like 195 pounds not 110 pounds. That was just the beginning of the interesting differences in her profile. As they were eating, she mentioned her 24-year-old son. Rodney a few moments later he was reminded that Read more [...]

T’s Top 10 SAFETY TIPS for Online Dating

The Internet is still pretty safe, even for seniors, according to People are emailing, private messaging, chatting with one another, and making cyber-dates. Online dating will be a fun and fulfilling if you take a few precautions to ensure your safety and success. ■ Do Not Give Out Personal Information - Use a third party email address instead of one with your own and do not link it to any of your accounts. For example, set up a Google account without any of your personal information Read more [...]

Rules for Dating?

      Who came up with these so-called rules for dating? It must have been someone with a timeline to get you in bed. You need to understand from this day forward you make your own rules! Let’s look at the Three-Date Rule which is a dating rule of thumb which states that the third date is when the decision is supposed to be made regarding whether a woman or man will consent to sex. Like many longstanding traditions, it is difficult to trace the exact origin of this term. There Read more [...]

Dating Has Changed!

  I took some time off before attempting any kind of new, potentially physical relationship. Everyone should take the time to reflect and cope with the loss of a relationship regardless of which one ended it. Some of you may have only been married a few years, and then there are others like me. On my 26th wedding anniversary, my divorce was final.   It had been 30 years since I had been a member of the dating world. So much has changed, and I began to wonder if I was prepared to start Read more [...]

Internet Dating???…….Here’s How To Do It.

  ACCORDING to a recent survey, internet dating is the number 1 way that people look to find their love partners. Watch as we share stories of clients who have used this medium. Life Coach offices in Miami and Fort Myers, teleconference from anywhere.       Hi I am David Essel, M.S. the Author 7 books and counting, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life and Business Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Coach and International Speaker. Read more [...]

Dating Hardships? Try Online Dating

    Dating is not without its challenges. As someone who had a disfiguring accident at times I have had  difficulties in social situations.  Even though most people don’t see the scars now I do and meeting others has always been one of the biggest issues I have had when trying to date. A friend introduced me to online dating and it changed my personal life as I knew it. Online dating can be an excellent method to meeting other singles, if everyone is upfront about their expectations Read more [...]

Your Online Dating Profile is an Advertisement About You!

    A question that I receive very often is “how do I make a good online dating profile?”  First, I would like to emphasis you are not writing a book, you must tell the truth about everything and have current photos.  Look at your profile as a little advertisement about you.  Keeping in mind you are competing in a market that all the other people doing the same type of ad.  You want your ad to stand out as different from all the rest.  It is a fact that most people scroll Read more [...]

Is Someone Trying to Catfish me or is this Person Real?

  Many times when using an online dating site, the person that you read about does not match the person typing in the information. This may be done for many reasons such as; they may be married, a person of the opposite sex, a young person, or someone out to do harm. There are stalkers and some out to steal your identity. There are many from other countries that are trying to get into the states. They are targeting you as their ticket in. Over time, I have learned some of the red flags to Read more [...]