Six Things to Keep in Mind for a First Date

    You have gotten a first date, and if you’re like many of us the question is “Now what do I do on a date? I haven’t been on a first date in YEARS!” Here are some things to keep in mind regarding your date. 1. Plan a short first date, nothing that would require more than a few hours. If things are going well, you can extend the date. I prefer having lunch or coffee. If things are not going well it is much easier to end the date and no one’s feelings get hurt. It’s better Read more [...]

Writing an Online Profile

    Writing an online profile has become one of the most challenging things to do. I have many pretty, smart, successful, funny friends, that have accomplished many things in their lives, but writing a good online profile is just something they don't know how to do. One Saturday night I decided to sit them down and let them see just how funny some of the online profiles are. By the end of the evening, our tummy muscles had a wonderful work out. Here are a few things we learned that Read more [...]

A Perspicacious Dater vs. A Serial Dater

    Just what is a Perspicacious Dater? A Perspicacious Dater has keen mental perception and an understanding they are discerning. If there is no spark, perspicacious daters do not believe in wasting each other’s time. They do understand no one is perfect on a first date including themselves. If there is even a small spark, they will see where that leads. Sometimes it may just lead to having a new friend or a wonderful relationship. In the world of Internet Dating, perspicacious daters Read more [...]

Setting Up an Email Account to Use With People You Meet Online

  Many people do not notice that your personal information will show up when you Instant Message (IM) or send emails. They assume that the only information available is your email address. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Go into your emails and look all over the page not just the email message. In Google at the top right side of the page, you will see the sender’s information, and there might even be a photo. That is why many people you meet online, will ask you to IM them on Yahoo, Read more [...]


          Just like etiquette when dating, there is netiquette with online dating. You cannot have one rule for yourself and another for your date and then expect everything to be fine! When dating online please keep these things in mind and your experience will go much better. DO NOT ever give out any of your personal information. Make an email account just for dating and when you sign up or create this email, do not use any personal information or link it to any Read more [...]

Think before you tell your date too much about your children

  Always remember that initially the person you are dating is most likely a stranger. No matter how trustworthy they sound, you need to be careful not to give out too much personal information. This especially goes for information regarding your children. If you come to realize that you are dating an unsavory character, you will probably regret telling that person about your kids school, schedule, activities, and so on. Think before you tell your date too much about your children. When referring Read more [...]

Let the Restaurant Help You

      I have written this from a woman’s perspective, but the same idea holds true for a man. I know men do not think as much as women do regarding their own safety. If you could hear some of the stories that men have told me through the years, you would understand men are at risk also. Gender has nothing to do with if the persons intent or desire is to cause harm to another.  Let the restaurant help you on your next date.   When meeting someone for a first date, I recommend Read more [...]