Should you Divorce the House Along with your Spouse- Pros and Cons?

Join co-hosts, Joanie Winberg and Rosalind Sedacca with special guest, Joan Rogliano, Real Estate Divorce Specialist- Today's discussions: - What's the most common question asked when getting a divorce? - Are you being bullied to give up your house by your attorney? - New laws that may affect your decision to keep the house? - Different living arrangements if you can't afford a divorce. - What three options do you have concerning your home in a divorce decree? And Read more [...]

Divorce Support Boot Camp – How to Deal with the Holidays!

  Divorce Support... How to Deal with the Holidays! Welcome!         After a divorce, the holiday season can be stressful, emotional and lonely. If you are experiencing any of these feelings, I can appreciate what you are going through! Hello, it's Joanie Winberg, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Divorce Mentor, corporate trainer and CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children. So how to you deal with the holidays and plan for the Read more [...]

The Hardships a Woman Can Face in Divorce Proceedings!

The Divorce View Talk Show with host, Joanie Winberg and Attorney, Howard Iken of ** Both men and women face unique hardships during a divorce. Today's Topic; The hardships a woman can face in a divorce proceeding - Don't take domestic violence sitting down - What to do if you suspect a divorce is coming- how to have "sticky fingers" - How to create a "Plan B" to be prepared for a divorce - How to establish your own credit - The differences between a man and a woman preparing Read more [...]

What About Parent Alienation?

Welcome to Single Again! Now What? Radio talk Show with your co-hosts, Joanie Winberg and Steve Peck. The show is a weekly uplifting show to support you, make you laugh or just be the thing that you need to hear at this time in your life. Here's Joanie and Steve... Today's show: Is your ex turning your child against you or what is called parent alienation?,   This week’s Single Again! Now What?… Read more [...]

Carl Michael Rossi and Questions to Ask Before you Hire an Attorney!

  Today's guest is Carl Michael Rossi. Carl is a Collaborative Law Attorney, a Mediator and a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Coach.     Today Carl and I discuss the two most common questions Carl hears from a potential clients. First is "How much is it going to cost?" the next is  "How long will it take?" Realistically the two questions you need to get clear about before you begin interviewing a lawyers, is: 1) What kind of relationship do you want to have Read more [...]

Best Type of Divorce Litigation? Collaboration? Mediation? Do it yourself?

Single Again! Now What?... Ask Joanie, This week's Single Again! Now What?... Ask Joanie Joanie Winberg, a Divorce Mentor and the CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children will answer your questions every week. Today's guestion is from Dr. Amy Osmond Cook of www. When getting a divorce, what is best? Litigation? Collaboration? Mediation? Do it yourself?, Read more [...]

3 Tips to Handle Divorce Better for Everyone Especially the Children

Today's questions and discussions: - What are kids really worried about during and after divorce? - Is your child "the cop" between you and your ex? - There are 3 types of parenting. What is your type of co-parenting? - Conflict - Parallel - Cooperative - How kids deal with divorce depends on the behavior of both parents. Plus much, much, more! Thanks for tuning in. Join us every Wednesday @ 6PM EST! And always remember... there is hope, happiness and life after divorce! See you next week, Rosalind Read more [...]

Penny Burke Discusses Attitude!

    "Ask Joanie" is your Survive and Thrive After Divorce Support with Divorce Mentor and Corporate Trainer, Joanie Winberg. Today's guest is Penny Burke, a criminal defense attorney and co-author of the book, From Granny Panties to Thongs. It is a collection of true stories spoken from the hearts of widowed women. This book can also support women during and after divorce. Today's question: Attitude! Do people realize just how important attitude is when it comes to moving forward and Read more [...]

How to Release Past Relationships so You Can be “Present”

Today's show discussions: - We all bring our baggage to a new relationship after divorce. Are you aware of your baggage? - It's difficult to look in the mirror, but absolutely necessary in order to have a new healthy relationship. - Are you dating the person you just divorced? - It has to start with respecting yourself. - You are magnificent... just the way you are! - You can overcome any challenge. It's a choice. - Are you talking about your ex when on a date? Tune in for so much more! And always Read more [...]

Divorce in the age of Social Media and Loss of Privacy

  Today's show discussions: - Social media is a double-edged sword - Can the internet destroy a marriage? - Be aware of what you post on the internet; it may come back to haunt you! - It is illegal to open up another person's e-mail. If opened- fair game! - Know your state's laws concerning social media, e-mails and text messages; they may be used against you. - Communication is the foundation to understanding yourself and others, especially your ex. Tune in for so much more! And always Read more [...]