— 25 min. Hip Opening Flow

  Be sure to check out the longer versions of this class, as well as other amazing hip opening classes available on our website: This hip opening yoga class is a great short flow for anyone to enjoy. Use this class to stretch, lengthen and open the tightness stored in your hip area, allowing you to let go of stress and tension. You will be left feeling refreshed and renewed, and your hips and lower back will feel especially great! Visit the website today for many more amazing class options!   Published Read more [...]

Hasta Bandha (The Hand Lock) – Preview

  This is a 2 min preview for the Hasta Bandha vinyasa yoga class available on yogadownload. Hasta Bandha (literally "hand lock" in Sanskrit) is a drawing up through the center of the palm with the fingers tented on the ground. Becoming familiar with this bandha is a wonderful way to enhance your practice, and it has changed the way I do many, many poses. Hasta bandha draws energy up the arms and toward the heart, it allows for more rotation in the shoulder joints and length in the arms, Read more [...]

Twisting Out Negativity and Doubt – 20 min

  This class is designed to help you let go of thoughts of negativity and doubt through twisting poses and gentle backbends. Nancy's inspiring and powerful message is woven throughout the practice as she guides you through detoxifying twists such as Twisted Child's Pose, Twisting Chair, Revolved Crescent Lunge, Twisted Triangle, and many others. Create much-needed space by releasing thoughts you need to let go of in order to move onward and upward through this grounding and inspiring practice! If Read more [...]

Yin Yoga – Preview

        This is a 2 min preview of the Yin Yoga class available on yogadownload This is a very slow, gentle, centering yoga practice that incorporates passive resting poses done on the floor. Unlike most yoga classes that include dynamic flow poses (yang), Yin yoga works to dramatically increase flexibility and enhance the energy distribution through the body by holding poses for long periods of time. It utilizes postures that rehabilitate connective tissue in the spine, Read more [...]

Conscious Cleanse Detox Flow – Preview

    This is a 2 min preview for the Conscious Cleanse Detox Flow class that is available on yogadownload This is truly a detoxifying class from head to toe, inside and out. Led by expert nutrition therapist, Jo Schaalman, the co-author of the best-selling book "The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life in 14 days." Jo leads you through a detoxifying practice that will help to improve digestion and boost metabolism. In this short yet dynamic practice you Read more [...]

Yoga for Cancer Surviors – Preview

  This is a 2 min preview for the Yoga for Cancer Survivors class available on yogadownload This is an uplifting and empowering gentle flow designed for those who have struggled with, or are struggling with cancer. It is for all cancer survivors, whether you are newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, in remission, or cured. Yoga is an amazing tool during any difficult time as it enhances both physical and emotional wellness. This class does just that by allowing you to slow your thought processes Read more [...]

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga 4 – Preview

  This is a 2 min preview of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga 4 class available on yogadownload Find your mind wandering in yoga class lately? Feel like you need a bit of a jump-start? This is the class for you. Through this Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga class, Dave's energy and enthusiasm will jolt you into a profound and unexpected yoga experience that your body and mind have been craving. Dave's unique and energetic style, combined with his unparalleled expertise, will take you through a Read more [...]

Grounding and Centering Yoga Flow – 40 min

  This class will help you to focus on the present and learn to feel more whole and more aware. Through Lauren's expert guidance you will center yourself by returning all of your scattered energies to home base, and become more grounded by connecting to the energy of the Earth. Find the stability and peace you need to keep from getting carried away or becoming reactive with this powerful and moving flow. This free yoga class is brought to you by Lionheared Kids. To show your support and Read more [...]

Qi Balancing Flow – 25 min

  Guided by one of our most sought-after teachers, Kylie Larson, this free Qi Balance Flow class focuses on asanas to strengthen and lengthen the body and nourish the soul with mindful intentions that invite balance & harmony into our busy lives.   visit yogadownload   Click Here for a FREE Yoga Merchandise Giveway!   Click Here for a FREE Yoga Pose Guide!   Search Hundreds of Yoga Download Classes     Would you like to support DASNM? If so, Read more [...]

Ashtanga Primary Series Lite – Preview

  This is a 2 min preview of the Ashtanga Primary Series Lite class available on yogadownload For those of you that want an Ashtanga Primary Series class, but found Alik's full-length 120 min Primary Series class too long or challenging, we made this Ashtanga Lite class just for you! Yoga Chikitsa, the Sanskrit title for the Ashtanga Primary Series, means yoga therapy - a program that when done regularly (so the story goes) cures your ailments and purifies the physical body to make you Read more [...]