The Internet, Your Ex and the Legal System

  Social media and various other mediums have now become a very acceptable form of evidence for court cases. Did you know that about 80% of attorneys use information from social networking sites as evidence in divorce cases and custody hearings? This area for fact finding has been growing at a tremendous rate for the past six years. Social media has made it much harder to keep information from your ex - they're able to find out everything you're doing. Even though, you think you have "hidden" Read more [...]

How Do I Know When I am Ready to Date

  Dating after divorce may feel strange, but go out with the intention of enjoying the date and having a good time. Your date may lead to romance, or you may not click, you won't know until you go. You're single now, and your life is full of opportunities.     For more information about life after divorce and dating check out Read more [...]

What is Forgiveness?

Many of us believe that forgiveness is for the weak. Then there is the belief that if you forgive someone you are letting the person that hurt you win and we condone their treatment of us. Some believe forgiveness should to be used as weapon. Mask the empty gesture as a kind action toward an enemy or a person who's wronged us, while keeping all the anger and hatred hidden. Forgiveness only benefits the person who hurt us! Others believe they are the authority to decide when clemency will be granted Read more [...]