“Overwhelmed By Sadness”

             “Overwhelmed By Sadness”     I’m overwhelmed by sadness and I’ve tried To get past it but I can’t   Heartbreak is a bumpy giant slide Unique with its own sentimental slant Recurring is the product of my grief The anguish followed by the disbelief Sequestered with no hope of sheer delight…   …Here comes another lonely sleepless night   So what am I to do now at my worst? Overwhelmed by the sadness Read more [...]

Nothing Is Surprising

Tell me the hermit Has a roommate Elves grow six feet tall before the spring   Tell me there’s a wishbone in a sound bite Restroom in a jukebox and A wolf in static cling Nothing is surprising if you tell me See I believe most anything you say If you tell me, “no I did not see that” Then I’m prepared to look the other way If a hermit meets an elf and shares a wishbone Or a restroom finds a wolf to static cling to for a few Nothing is surprising if you tell me…   …That’s Read more [...]

Inspirational Quotes #46

    Inspirational Quotes Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt "Mistakes are proof that you are trying." - Unknown “If we could look into each other’s hearts & understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care.” – Marvin J Ashton “Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence & of greater possibilities Read more [...]

The Word: Purpose

The word purpose Has the word pure in it E is the final letter…   …P-U-& R begin it   Purely a coincidence Undecided, well think about it Realization of a higher love Purpose isn’t pure without it On some deeper level See the side from which I spin it Each time you find a purpose…   …May you also find pure in it     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and some of my other books on Amazon.com SpiritChili A Few Poems From Words Read more [...]

“The Sensation Of Your Kiss”

  Needing the sensation Of Your kiss Was the spark that sparked all this I’d been blessed but felt no bliss More or less my mind was made up – to only just exist But being lost in the sensation of your kiss Exposed what I had missed Though it was always at my fingertips The touching of our lips Enabled me to come to grips – with the passion in our midst Receive your love, give you love… …And now my tender heart insists I live for the sensation of your kiss   Follow me on Facebook Read more [...]

“Right On, Write On, Rite On”

      Right on, write on, rite on And what of these phrases three? No difference in this trio phonetically Decipher them through spelling Or the tale that I am telling More compelling than I thought myself to be   Truly right is how I feel inside Having something to write about On the crest of my rite of passage Under then over & out Gateways to growth have taught me that it’s Healing to turn the light on This is the road to redemption So right on, write Read more [...]

“The Propensity To Falter”

    I’m the gatekeeper To my own soul Some solvent source in solitaire   This is as I was once foretold My crash course “In Life Extraordinaire”   The propensity to falter is my humanistic trait On the front lawn, at the altar & at my pearly gate   Can I begin to stand up straight? And drop my guard? Relearning how to care is Extra hard     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other books on Amazon.com SpiritChili A Read more [...]

“God Can Take You From A Black Hole To The White Light”

    God can take you from a black hole Over to the white light Determine your exact role So you can pick the right fight   Take triumph from your turmoil Unleash it on your soul Reverse the darkness sitting dormant Now will you let him have control?   Nerves of steel can feel the back pole Of a dungeon on a fright night With faith God will take you…   …From a black hole to the white light   Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and Read more [...]

No Pain No Gain

No pain no gain – it is Ordained   Pain drains then leaves a conscious stained As we complain about our pain In vain this Nuance is entertained   No pain no gain – it shall remain Our truth but when the pain has waned   God’s proof just then is plain as rain Aloofness ends and then engrained In hearts of men who make the chain No pain no gain…   …No pain no gain     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and some of my other Read more [...]

A Fascinating Realization

  I find it fascinating how a Blessing becomes a curse And pleasure becomes torment How what’s good turns worse And active goes dormant In the grand scheme A man dreams And right there His plan is forsaken As he awakens From a nightmare Once floored by a spell He is bored as hell Nevertheless The sight of a dress Hugging curves Captures his heart Then rips it apart And his ex says It’s what he deserves     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other Read more [...]