Lighter Side Quotes #13

Lighter Side Quotes 'Parenthood is an experiment on how long your body can function without adequate sleep or nourishment fueled only on adrenaline coffee and baby smiles." - “Mom always said to laugh at my mistakes so pardon me if I laugh in your face.” - "I don’t have an attitude problem you just get on my darn nerves!!!" - Unknown “You don’t like me? That’s a shame. I’ll pencil in some time to cry about it later. Right now, I’m busy enjoying my life, Read more [...]

“The Blood Of An Angel At My Door”

    No hurricane can wreak havoc On this planet without God allowing it   And no earthquake can quicken Contempt, for this enchanted is not vowing it Cover me with the blood of an angel at my door I’d rather die for love I’d drown once more Difficult times may rock my world today & longer Every act of God is designed to make me stronger Not to weaken me or defeat me Till I become what I abhor Storm clouds let them hover…   …There’s an angel at my Read more [...]

Lighter Side Quotes #14

Lighter Side Quotes "It’s better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho the rest of your life." - "Instead of getting angry, wipe away the people who made you angry..." - Unknown "So when this is ‘old enough to know better’ supposed to kick in?" - “Love is like a rubber band. We keep pulling, someone lets go and it hurts the one who held on.” – QuoteImages "Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude.  My personality is who I am; Read more [...]

“The Only Way You’ll Get It Is To Go Through It

I can tell you something T ill I’m blue in the face I can break it to you gently S hare it with tremendous grace B ut it doesn’t mean you’ll hear me E xperience says “you need to do it” T he only way you’ll get it is T o go through it E xperience says “R egardless of what I say… …You’ll do what you want to anyway” N o wisdom I can give you to deter you O utweighs the shift in balance that will spur you W hen common sense cries out “hey don’t pursue it” …The Read more [...]

The Greatness Of Just Being

Birds don’t want to be flowers Elephants don’t want to be rain Islands just want to be islands Not a Jim, a George or a Jane   Stars don’t want to be oceans Paradise will never complain It’s the greatness of just being Remaining the you, you remain It’s not always about becoming Though to become is the Ultimate fate Accepting the greatness of being Lets you be who you are and be great     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and some of my Read more [...]

God Must Want Me To Live

  God must want me to live Or else He would have let me die Trapped inside this little space I occupy To live for God is to suffer tears & pain And yet to die is gain   How else could Paul explain Our standards we live by? Let me live for God today or let me Die   Or let me die to live for God No other reason calms my fear… …God must want me to live That’s why His mercy brought me here     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and Read more [...]

“The Ungrateful Bitch and The Fat Rat Bastard”

    The ungrateful bitch And the fat rat bastard Got together for a while   Their marriage was a disaster Even worse when they brought in a child All they had snowballed downhill faster More of a curse than a blessing stockpiled   Delight could have changed a rat bastard If that ungrateful bitch just smiled Vile, he sought to re-cast her Out to sea with the witches exiled Riled, she fought the fat bastard Corrupt now they both were beguiled Enticing a devil to master…   …A Read more [...]

Inspirational Quotes #9

Inspirational Quotes #9 "The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it!" - C.C. Scott "An honest enemy is better than a friend who lies!" - Paul Chucks "Sometimes, you need to be alone, not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself." - Unknown "A very good friend pointed out this New Year is for leaving the old habit behind for good! Just have faith in yourself to do it..." - Unknown “Aim to make a positive difference in someone’s life every single day….” Read more [...]

Inspirational Quotes #24

Inspirational Quotes "There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs." - Angel Flonis Harefa  “I choose…to live by choice, not by chance. To make changes, not excuses. To be motivated, not manipulated. To be useful, not used. To excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice. Not the random opinion of others.” – Awesome Quotes     “Love and kindness Read more [...]

“I Don’t Live On The Edge”

    I don’t live on the edge   Good thing I don’t live there Even with my buttons pushed To the edge is like my cupboard’s bare   Empty probably best describes My panoramic hedges Oh sure I might seem edgy Tough and rough around the edges I don’t live on the edge Otherwise if I should fall No one would be there to catch me And I would regret Life after all     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other books Read more [...]