When I Figured Me Out

I used to Solve mysteries in my mind I was The greatest at who-done-it of   All time   But there was just one mystery All along that alluded me Destiny till then had been unkind   The clues were in my face I didn’t see the signs My breakthrough came like rain bringing an End to drought…   …The last case was closed For good, when I figured me out     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and some of my other books on Amazon.com SpiritChili A Read more [...]

A Little Sweat Equity

Now be advised before you read this poem Of all the investments you could have in your portfolio Watch for one that won’t cost you a dime   Heaven is inflation proof, but folks miss out Every time Return on investment is infinite over prime Early believers have benefited in this pure thing…   …Put up a little sweat equity In other words, your faith And you can get in on a sure thing     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and some of my other Read more [...]

“Love Is Our Greatest Human Resource”

           “Love Is Our Greatest Human Resource”   Pray without ceasing – As time Elapses Releasing passes Increasing what perhaps is Our greatest human resource D escending from above it all   Of course it is “to love it all” For to love at all is a covenant with God’s protocol    To quote a passage from Apostle Paul “I am a castaway  My world it can pass away  Endorsed go I with love enforced…   …I fought Read more [...]

In The Orchard Of Unsung Heroes

Frolic in the Orchard where Unsung heroes Roam   Stay a while and call this Exponential playground home As you Sample fruits Of labor Nature’s learning tree unfurled Share the bounty of your harvest…   …With the people of the world     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out these and some of my other books on Amazon.com SpiritChili A Few Poems From Words I Found In Divorced Spiritchilism By Definition This Has Everything To Do With My Life   // Read more [...]

“From Wedlock To Grid Locked To Locked Out Of The Bedroom”

        We go from wedlock to gridlock To locked out of the bedroom But what can we do? When we screw up it’s our libido that we screw   Sex becomes a weapon Our bedroom a firing range With a genital moving target It’s the gentle that’s estranged   We promise things will change But things lie It’s harder for old habits To cohabitate & die Still they must So we go to great lengths to earn back trust   Trust is hard to come by We may trick Read more [...]

“Sarcasm 1-0-1”

    Lucky you Overworked & overdrawn So lucky to have Something going on Look at you Overanxious dilettante So lucky to have Everything you want   So lucky to Overachieve under man’s thumb Lucky you, smart enough to play dumb Deceiving none, well ain’t this fun?   …Sarcasm 1-0-1   Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other books on Amazon.com SpiritChili A Few Poems From Words I Found In Divorced Spiritchilism Read more [...]

12 x 4 x 10 – Diary of Abuse

12 x 4 x 10 - Diary of Abuse by Misty Frith I am a deputy; I protect people like me I am a paramedic; I fix the wounds you cannot see I’m always strong for others, making sure they cannot see The terrified, crying side of me It’s been two years since I asked for help, to keep him away from us Here, we are again in court, dealing with the fuss When I come to Indy, I have to take pills Panic attacks over take me, they come on like chills A scar on my nose, from a punch to the face A scar on Read more [...]

Something Better Than This

    On my side Of the fence it’s Hell to bear   On the Other side it’s Heaven over there   I’d like to cross over – that’s why I insist There’s gotta be Something better than this   Heaven is the Elsewhere I seek to be And yet when the hell that I’m in Varies more than one degree Even I lose myself in sin Naturally, drowning in the abyss…   …I’m reaching for something better than this   Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Read more [...]

“The Blood Of An Angel At My Door”

    No hurricane can wreak havoc On this planet without God allowing it   And no earthquake can quicken Contempt, for this enchanted is not vowing it Cover me with the blood of an angel at my door I’d rather die for love I’d drown once more Difficult times may rock my world today & longer Every act of God is designed to make me stronger Not to weaken me or defeat me Till I become what I abhor Storm clouds let them hover…   …There’s an angel at my Read more [...]

“The Only Way You’ll Get It Is To Go Through It

I can tell you something T ill I’m blue in the face I can break it to you gently S hare it with tremendous grace B ut it doesn’t mean you’ll hear me E xperience says “you need to do it” T he only way you’ll get it is T o go through it E xperience says “R egardless of what I say… …You’ll do what you want to anyway” N o wisdom I can give you to deter you O utweighs the shift in balance that will spur you W hen common sense cries out “hey don’t pursue it” …The Read more [...]