5 Tips That Will Help You with That First Date

    We all get a little intimidated on a first date. If you have been out of the dating world for a while, it is even harder to get back in the swing of things. Here are some tips I used for my first dates. 1. Keep your expectations realistic: We all have flaws and you and your date are no exceptions. Remember NO checklists but do have your deal breakers. Ask yourself these three questions first: Do I like them? Are they easy to talk to, and you feel comfortable? Is there any attraction? Read more [...]

Missing the Physical Aspects of a Relationship is Normal

      Missing the physical aspects of a relationship is normal. How you handle it could send you down a path you don’t want to be on. With the loss of any long-term relationship, you'll encounter things you start to miss. Such things as, a loving hug from the opposite sex, a smile when a person watches you walk up, the list goes on and on. Fortunately soon after my divorce, an excellent friend sat me down and said “guard against becoming ripe for the picking.” I really Read more [...]

Single and Dating with Children

  Single again and dating is tough enough but when you have children keep these things in mind! Dating is tough, but in many ways it is more difficult for those who are divorced. Combined with the fears of being out of practice there are often children's feelings to take into consideration. Just how can a single parent enjoy a new romance without lying awake during the night worrying about doing emotional harm to their children? Oprah Radio host Rabbi Shmuley said “Bring your children Read more [...]

The Ties that Bind

The Ties that Bind Recently my wife and I were discussing how couples relate to each other in times of severe stress or tragedy. What we discovered is that men and women handle stress and tragedy differently. Men may not want to talk about it, while a woman usually needs to talk and share her feelings. We realized that many couples have ended marriages because they did not feel supported and could not give their spouses the space needed to grieve differently or in a way that was conducive to whom Read more [...]

A Mans Perspective on Patterns

  My separation happened about a year and a couple months ago. I can no longer remember the exact date that my wife told me she couldn't stay married to me any longer. It was a hell of a day with a long and argument filled build up. Followed by a long and argument filled time-frame while I was looking for a new place to live. Without going too much into it I can tell you that our situation was fairly typical in many ways. We weren’t satisfied, she started going out more and more. She met Read more [...]

How do I Protect Myself?

How do I Protect Myself? After the senseless Boston Marathon bombings I started thinking about the illusion of safety that everyone wants us to have. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends that were affected by the terroristic attack. You cannot protect yourself from these types of tragedies in the traditional sense, but can we protect ourselves from other crime or trespasses on us? There is always a ton of different self-protection techniques but, I would like to enlighten you on Read more [...]

Rules for Dating?

      Who came up with these so-called rules for dating? It must have been someone with a timeline to get you in bed. You need to understand from this day forward you make your own rules! Let’s look at the Three-Date Rule which is a dating rule of thumb which states that the third date is when the decision is supposed to be made regarding whether a woman or man will consent to sex. Like many longstanding traditions, it is difficult to trace the exact origin of this term. There Read more [...]

Dating Has Changed!

  I took some time off before attempting any kind of new, potentially physical relationship. Everyone should take the time to reflect and cope with the loss of a relationship regardless of which one ended it. Some of you may have only been married a few years, and then there are others like me. On my 26th wedding anniversary, my divorce was final.   It had been 30 years since I had been a member of the dating world. So much has changed, and I began to wonder if I was prepared to start Read more [...]

Don’t Trust in Others Background Checks

Matchmaker services and many online dating site do background checks on the people they take as clients. That is one reason why most people pay the extra money for a matchmaking service. Keep in mind when dealing with matchmakers, very often you still have to do your own homework. The matchmaker service my friend Trish was using would tell her a little bit about the person, and then she would look at the photos and descriptions of the person. Trish never found anyone that was appealing to her until Read more [...]

Deal Breakers vs. Checklist

  In the world of dating, people have been encouraged to create and have a checklist when looking for a  potential partner. On this list, people include race, religion, political views, age, financial status, children, how many times married, if your family/ friends would like them, education, their personal habits, and the lists can go on and on. These lists can easily become endless and more often than not unrealistic. Most of us are fairly average and ordinary people. The biggest problem Read more [...]