About Rings of Hope – The Wedding Ring Project.

  Founder Patricia Melnice traveled to South Africa in 2009 and repurposed her wedding ring from her past marriage to help build a home in South Africa for her Zulu friend’s family and orphan children. You can read more about the story of how the Wedding Ring Project came to be in Patricia’s Journals (www.toughangels.org/journal). Today, in her new home, Lady Fair serves 16 children which is nearly double the number of children who were in her care in 2009. Patricia's decision has  changed Read more [...]

What to do With THE Wedding Rings?

      Have a long, hard think about what your wedding rings symbolized to you and what it actually means to you now. The romantic ‘unending circle of love’ strapline might not stand up to much at this point and it may be time to consider what you want to do with the heavy metal long-term. If you threw yours at your ex during your parting exchange, there’s probably not much to think about as you’ve passed the responsibility onto them to dispose of it. Obvious choices Read more [...]

17 Seconds – Tough Angels – The Wedding Rings Project and Wings of Hope.

  Tough Angels, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Colorado, USA, under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  17 Seconds - Tough Angels - The Wedding Rings Project and Wings of Hope. Our mission is to assist in creating safe havens for women and children of violence in developing countries, providing information to educate them about HIV and supporting them in restoring dignity, hope, and promoting healing.           Every 17 seconds the rape Read more [...]