My Husband Would Feel Fury and Frustration

  A separated woman recalls teasing and insulting her husband in front of others. — Reading Gint Aras’ The Butt of the Marriage Joke, about wives who make fun of husbands online, got me thinking and remembering. Posting tasteless memes seemed like child’s play compared to what I used to unleash on my partner. I am a separated 32 year old woman. I used to bash my partner verbally, in his presence and with an audience. I was the purveyor of silly jokes about men and husbands, thinly Read more [...]

Want to Share? – Writers Needed – Share Your Story!

    Here’s your chance to share your stories and photos on You need not be a professional writer. The most important thing to know is this: to be published in, your piece must be told as a story — as a narrative (as if you are telling your friend) — it must be your original work and no ex-bashing. is maintained by a small team so we ask your help when submitting stories. Please let us know what category you feel you article would fit best in. Here Read more [...]

Time Heals Everything (If we Give Time a Chance)

Story / Song Once in a while we feel so broken that no matter what we do we can’t stand up. Trust me it feels as if you tried everything, and yet everything seems to be pulling you down. You don’t need love to survive; you can learn to stand up alone just give it time. Even if, you don’t believe that there is A God, then try to believe in that one word called HOPE. The Optional chorus: I know what it feels like to not be able to trust anyone; I know it’s hard to trust after seeing all those Read more [...]

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  Use this link to check out Amazons Halloween shop for all your Halloween needs! Amazon Halloween Shop - Costumes, Candy,   Shop Amazon - Kids' Halloween Store Everything you need for the season  Halloween Costumes, Candy, Décor and More     Deals here at the Shop Amazon - New Fall Toysget your jump start on Christmas!  Try this link Shop Amazon Local - and Subscribe to Deals in Your Neighborhood ! Do you need gift ideas?  Amazon has these sections to help Read more [...]

Free Gift From Sassy Zen and Divorced and Scared No More

  Welcome!! It is time for you to Survive and Thrive!!! Please enjoy this E-book as our Gift to you from Sassy Zen and Divorce and Scared NO More.   Get the SASSY ZEN TEXT E BOOK 2 for Free! [freebiesub download=""] is a resource site designed to help women and men feel supported through articles, poetry, videos, and radio shows. Need tips to heal that broken heart Read more [...]

Sassy Zen “Intuitive Health” Free Event “Stop You Fight With Food.”

    I am pleased to announce you are all invited to a  complimentary introduction  to Sassy Zen "Intuitive Health" series.   This event will be in New York City on August 24th 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm at 18 West 18th ST suite 504.  The topic for this gathering will be "Stop You Fight With Food.”  Learn once and for all how the access the power of your intuition and achieve your ideal weight!  To RSVP for this wonderful complimentary event call 917-572-6702 or email   Sassy Read more [...]

Links to Get Your TOOLS for your “life after divorce”!

    Single Again! Now What? Mentoring Programs TOOLS for your "life after divorce"! Are you a single again after 5, 10, 20 or 30 years of marriage? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am with you every step of the way!  --  Joanie   For Women   For Men       Would you like to support DASNM?  If so, it is easy, just use this link  Amazon Purchases in support of  A small percentage of the amount you order will be sent to DASNM.  Thank you Read more [...]

Why Being a Good Man is Definitely a Feminist Issue

    By Noah Brand editor-in-chief of the Good Men Project   Noah Brand makes the case that gender theory applies to both genders.     This article is a response to “Why Being a Good Man is Not a Feminist Issue” by Tom Matlack.   The reason I agreed to come on board as editor-in-chief at the Good Men Project is that this site is doing something nobody else is doing, at least not on this scale. Its core mission is born of personal and transformative experience Read more [...]

Seeing You Again (Life after Death)

  Short Story By: Georgia Adamopoulos   In life, they were soul mates who loved each other more than anyone they knew. Both of them were in love with nature; they loved to see the seasons change. Both of them were in love with the fall season since both loved to see the trees changing colors. One day they were in a park, it was in October, both of them were looking at the leaves which were falling, they had not met each other yet but were in the same place at the same time (the park). One Read more [...]