How to Deal with My Children, Who are Adults

  "Could someone tell me how to deal with my children, who are adults now, the youngest being 18, but they will always be my babies. I have kept them out of the nastiness all along but now I have hit rock bottom and don't want to live anymore. I have Cancer and have stopped my treatment because I haven't got the guts to commit suicide. But we had a huge row in the house the other night and I got dressed and left the house at breakneck speed and stayed driving around all night and eventually Read more [...]

Amy11 Part Two “My Life as a Child”

      Amy11 Part Two "My Life as a Child" •           Continuation....while growing up I was very average girl running around the butterflies dancing laughing all was part of life. Father was in army so we had not faced poverty much. Our family had fridge, TV, and other things at home but parents were so cruel. I had to do whole household chores started at age of 7 yrs. helping mother to do dishes, wash clothes with hand even when I could not hold detergent bar in Read more [...]

Are You a Single Mom and Would like to Share?

            Hi, I'm a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. I'm currently working on my dissertation project and through this project my goal is to learn more about the health and physical activity of single mothers. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find enough single mother volunteers in my local area. The study involves just a one-time commitment and is conducted entirely through the postal mail Read more [...]

My Story Begins Very far From the USA

    I went thru a lot never drink smoke or any other bad habit of gambling or any sort of drugs I ever used. Sharing my pains make me feel better and others can correlate which make them hurt less too what bad times they went thru or facing in life.   In culture I was born girls were never wanted when I grew up parents wanted me to study nursing so they can step in to USA, I did that and I was a good student even I knew all household work and helped my mother to raise 4 siblings. Read more [...]

This May Sound Like the End of the Story but it is Only the Beginning !

  It has been an experience to say the least, an incredible one that will never be forgotten. SO elated that I am able to say that my oldest daughter and her boyfriend really were right behind us, they sold everything, packed their car and moved up here end of September! All my babies home where they belong, where we can all grow together until their futures take them to new places and on their own exciting journeys! We are all new people in so many different ways. It has taken me months Read more [...]

April Just Isn’t My Month

  Is it just me or does anyone else have an “unlucky” month in their life!? I know I do, and mine is April. My 37 year old mother was lost on April 25th, 1993. In 1995, my white cat Sugar suffered a horrible death by coyotes in our yard. That same month I lost a friend to accidental suicide. I have been in 3 car accidents in my life and 2 were in April. Yes, God I get it, April is not my month, and that’s okay, I didn’t dwell or focus on all that as April approached each year. Over Read more [...]

Do any of you know any book to help a child understand?

    A reader sent this to me requesting your assistance.  Do any of you know any book that would help a child understand that there won’t be a reconciliation?  Additionally do you have any advice or suggestions to assist her?  You can either comment on the website under the posting or on the FB page.  If you prefer to be anonymous you can either email through the contact page on the website or the message on Facebook.     I'm curious if anyone has any book/website suggestions Read more [...]