YOU WANT ME TO DRIVE WHAT???! With a Yours, Mine, and Ours Family

      I have a stepdaughter, two children from my previous marriage, and a 21 month old with my husband.  Four was the perfect number and we were all done having children. We had the great yours, mine, and ours family. I started feeling a little under the weather and could not shake it.  This had to be because I’m so busy at work, taking care of all the children, animals, and trying to keep the house picked up, a social life, and starting a new business.   This horrible sick Read more [...]

Oops, I Acted Like an Idiot

  By Gretchen Schiller Poised for a Fight Ana Lu and I walked up the stone pathway to the house. Charles greeted us at the door and invited both of us inside, knowing I needed to pick up a box that was in the garage. The first thing I noticed upon entering was that Ana Lu’s little desk had moved again. I made a bee-line for it. Picked it up and moved it back to its original place in the corner.                                                 Read more [...]

Wedding Bands

      Sue decided it was time to get a concealed handguns license. She had the rifle that her father taught her to shoot with, but did not have a handgun. A good friend of her father is the gunsmith in the next town over, and the economy being the way it is, she didn’t have the money to buy a gun. The divorce had been over for a few years, but she had never gotten around to getting rid of the wedding rings that were in her jewelry box. Her dad asked his friend if he could put Read more [...]

In the New Modern Blended Family — Even if You had Nothing to do with it…

    Lindsey and John have the modern blended family. They both had gotten along very well with Johns’ ex-wife until the weekend they were planning to go on vacation with all the kids. It was just an overnight camping trip about an hour from home. When you have six kids, and two are in diapers you don’t travel far. They picked up Johns kids early because they wanted to set up camp before dark and also needed to run home to resupply a few things like a diaper bag and wipes. Finally, Read more [...]

After a Divorce History Sometimes Changes

    Just like everyone else, my ex-husband has his view of our past, and I have mine. They are probably two totally different memories. After a Divorce History Sometimes Changes.  I’m sure his new significant other doesn’t really know the type of person I am. This became evident to me the first time I met her. I moved out of state about a year earlier. My daughter and my two grandchildren moved with me while my two sons and grandson stayed close to my ex-husband. All of my children Read more [...]

What is That Smell?

      Jim’s ex-wife called him and told him that she was putting their old house up for sale at a VERY cheap price. He had known it would only be a matter of time until she ran through all the money she had gotten in the divorce. Being the nice guy that he is, he asked his current wife Janet about buying the house. Janet loved the idea because the house was so much nicer than the one they had been living in for the past few years. After the moving was complete, everything was Read more [...]

God Answers Your Prayer

    When God created mothers, I believe he put something in us to know when our children need us. It doesn’t matter how many miles they live away, we just know. That doesn't stop when they become adults they are still our children, with a different number.   A close friend of mine, we will call her Stacey, sat me down one evening to tell me a very moving story about her children. Her youngest son Jason was the one who was always the closest to her as far as needing her guidance Read more [...]

Share the Little Things

It was Halloween night, and I asked a friend what his children were going to be this year. I saw sadness come over his face, and he said that he did not know. He had called his ex to talk to the kids and ask about seeing them, but there never was an answer to his calls or messages. His ex refuses to share the little things in his children's lives. Why do people withhold this from their ex? I did in the past until I realized the children need to know that the other parent or grandparent are still Read more [...]

Bailey’s Two Homes

        Being a stepparent, there may be occasions that you can reach out to the child in a way that neither of their natural parents can. That is the case with Baily's and her two homes. Cindy was an extremely busy woman constantly doing something, but always having time for her family. Cindy has dyslexia and ADHD so getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and of course exercise was an important part of her day. Cindy’s husband started noticing that his daughter Bailey Read more [...]