Turning Something Else on to Help Distract You

  If you’re struggling to turn your head off at the most unGodly of hours, why not consider turning something else on to help distract you. There is a world full of 24-hour radio available, right at the edge of your fingertips if you have access to the Internet. With stations dedicated to every genre known to woman, plus others that niche on particular decades and others that focus on spoken interviews, stories and documentaries, you should easily be able to tailor match something to your Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Time to Rebuild

  Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net   There comes a time when you lose everything, your best friends, the people you most care about, your faith in everything and even your dignity. Don't be worry, stay strong it's time rebuild yourself all over again.   This is your time to rebuild and you choose how you are going to do it.  Build a bridge, not a wall, believe in your value as a human who should be respected.  Stand up for what is right even if you are standing Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Divorce is only Two People Wide

  Divorce really is only Two People Wide Despite the way it may feel at times, a divorce is only ever two people wide. Try to reserve your energy to cope with necessary responses to your situation, as opposed to justifying or clarifying yourself to the array of onlookers who seem to delight themselves in your fueling the fire of your angst, also commonly known as ‘The They’.   Divorce Coping Tip of the Day and Poetry of Divorce     Poetry of Divorce: Read more [...]

“U” Come before Your “X”

"Why do we all want a great relationship? Because we get love, affection, attention, a sense of belonging, feelings of safety etc. from it. When relationships end, we still have this need within us. Since not fulfilling this need is very painful, our mind makes us feel like we did have love, attention, affection, a sense of belonging, feelings of safety etc. in our relationship. Moreover, now we miss that so much. Your mind tends to push all of the dirt under the carpet. Take some mental energy Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Believe in Yourself!!

    Always be and believe in yourself. Never try to hide who you are, the only shame is to have shame. Always stand up for what you believe in. Always question what other people tell you. Never regret the past. It’s a waste of time. There’s a reason for everything. Every mistake. Every moment of weakness. Every terrible thing that has happened to you. Grow from it. The only way you can ever get the respect from others is when we show them you respect yourself. And most importantly, Read more [...]

The Relationship was Already Done

  When he/she fell asleep did you look through their phone to see whom he/she had been texting/calling? Did you go through his/her wallet, purse, computer, lunchbox... looking for evidence? Look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself why were you in this relationship at that time? Because once you found yourself doing those things, the relationship was already DONE, it is over and already dead. You are just living with a ghost and nothing more. End of story!   Come visit our Facebook Read more [...]

Be Grateful Your Audience is Smaller

    If you think you are having a rough time of it with your divorce, be glad you’re not a celebrity. Their high profile ding dongs play out in front of audiences of millions of adoring fans and invariably, the media will favor one side of the partnership. The ‘bad guy’ will be hung, drawn and quartered in front of their friends, family and those who appreciate their acting/music/writing etc. You can almost guarantee that whatever spin is being put on their story, it’s a world away Read more [...]

Dig Back Into Your Past and Remember

  When we advance in our years and suddenly feel the pressures of life, the universe and everything bearing down upon our shoulders, it’s easy to forget the people we used to be. This is particularly true as you recover from being scalded by the embers of a marriage that was going nowhere. The fact is, if you are able to reconnect with the soul you once were, you might also be able to tap into a pocket of the energy that used to drive and thrill you. Dig back in your dim and distant past Read more [...]

Recount Out Loud the Highlights of Your Relationship

  I was tapped on the shoulder by a wonderful old friend today who I’ve not seen in two years and we stood in the middle of Waitrose clucking like a pair of ducks catching up with each other’s news in digest.   I relayed my divorce news in bite-sized chunks and found myself bullet pointing that old relationship. It was enlightening - for me - and I want to direct this Tip of the Day to anyone on the lead up to leaving, or anyone who has been treated badly and is now in the devastatingly Read more [...]

Sending a Card (or Not) on Behalf of Your Children

    Last week, I talked about mentally preparing yourself for Father’s Day. Well, here it is, are you ready? Are you ready for the guilty/inadequate feelings you may endure for sending a card on behalf of your children/not sending a card on behalf of your children/not receiving a card and questioning your very existence/encouraging them to send one and failing/coping with a difficult conversation with children regarding sending one to a step-parent/getting a card and questioning Read more [...]