Infidelity and You

It comes with many names, and rarely is it ever accepted – infidelity is one of the single worst acts somebody can commit in a relationship. Trying to deal with the act of cheating, or adultery, can be quite a difficult thing to deal with. The emotional dilemmas as well as psychological barriers it can creates in someone’s mind can be very hard to get over. Whether you have been the victim of infidelity, or have left a relationship because of your own actions, trying to understand just why Read more [...]

Infidelity and Dealing with Reasonable, Emotional and Wise Mind States

The emotions felt by the hurt partner immediately after finding out about an affair are simply overwhelming There are emotional stages of processing an affair and they similar to those dealing with death of a loved one. You have lost something you cherished and even if the relationship is saved it will never be the same. The difference in death and infidelity is when a person died they did not choose to leave you but in the case of infidelity they did choose to leave you. Accepting you were second Read more [...]

Do People Cheat Because of Biology?

      People cheat for many different reasons; complications in the relationship, the lack of closeness, or as a consequence of their libido. These are just a few of the common explanations, but there are two primary views regarding the reasons that infidelity occurs. The first explanation is by far the most well-known: Partners cheat as a consequence of complications inside their relationship something is missing, passion has faded, partners really feel lonely, and someone is filling Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode – Infidelity in Marriage

          Podcast: Play in new window | Download On this episode of Sex After Divorce with Juliana Neiman, we discuss sexual indiscretions. Infidelity crop up in relationships for many various reasons. Some think they aren’t receiving the care they deserve from their partner, and seek a sexual or emotional connection somewhere else. For others, it may be something that cropped up out of the blue, and afterwards, left them feeling guilty and embarrassed. Some marriages divorce after Read more [...]


The answer is nothing…their infidelity says absolutely NOTHING about you…   Look at it this way….what if this person had embezzled money from their employer …or stolen a car…or done some other bad thing?…Would you think that their actions, in any way, had anything to do with your value? Would these actions make you doubt your own self worth?   OK…so cheating on one’s marriage vows is also about someone else’s action. However, this one hurts because of the betrayal. Might Read more [...]

Why Do We Live With Lies in Marriage?

  February  15, 2013  By D.  A. Wolf 8  Comments     We’re fixated on infidelity, even  entertained by it. But there are worse breaches of trust,  unglamorous difficulties that stress and end marriages, problems our  society tends to very badly.   The celebrity divorce? It’s almost impossible to skim an online magazine without news of the latest  breakup, usually accompanied by an admission of infidelity. Our tabloid press—and for that matter, our blogs—can Read more [...]

First Steps to Take to Start Healing After Infidelity

  Another person comes into your marriage, and that’s the affair that leads to the end of your marriage. Are you going to let Infidelity change you in a negative way or will you learn from it? Can you move on and become a stronger person? Well let’s see... If you can’t let go of the idea that you or your spouse were unfaithful, you will have a harder time healing. Now it is time to stop focusing on the problem and find a solution. Start with empathy for you and your spouse. Healing Read more [...]

Encouraging Thoughts to Help Improve Your Self-Esteem

    Encouraging Thoughts to Help Improve Your Self-Esteem  Thoughts that inspire exploration and reflection (again, compliments to my beautiful therapist) Happiness can be defined in many ways, but what IS it that gives us this wonderful sensation that emanates from deep within ourselves? The answer comes from deep within. Self Esteem or Self Respect is not given to use through praise, gifts or attention. It’s about ourselves learning how to do things for ourselves, how to be responsible Read more [...]

Release Yourselves from the Blame and Guilt

        We go over it over and over again, finding all kinds of problems with ourselves.  “I wasn’t good enough,” “I did everything wrong and did not please them enough,”  “I should have loved them more,”  “The other person was better at loving them than me,” ..... but the fact remains that the relationship fell apart.  So we need to release ourselves from the blame and guilt.  Do this for yourself your ex did what they did for themselves.     Would Read more [...]

Abbreviations used by MEV

    Here is a list of the abbreviations used by MEV. "Narcissist" can be cumbersome to type over and over again, so feel free to use these abreviations: N/NPDer - Narcissist P - Psychopath NP - Narcissistic Psychopath NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder PA - Passive Aggressive NS - Narcissistic Supply APD - Antisocial Personality Disorder BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder Bi-P - Bi-Polar NC - No Contact NW - Narcissist Wife NH - Narcissist Husband XN - Ex Narcissist XNW/WNH Read more [...]