Divorce is a Very Powerful Word

        Accept the fact that divorce has the ability to completely liberate you and debilitate you too. Divorce is a Very Powerful Word It's a very powerful word and state of mind and its energy should not be underestimated. Treat the entire divorce process with the utmost respect and do all you can to learn from the experience. After the event, find time for some careful analysis. Digest the lessons, really learn from them, and build on them with a view to it never Read more [...]

Release Yourselves from the Blame and Guilt

        We go over it over and over again, finding all kinds of problems with ourselves.  “I wasn’t good enough,” “I did everything wrong and did not please them enough,”  “I should have loved them more,”  “The other person was better at loving them than me,” ..... but the fact remains that the relationship fell apart.  So we need to release ourselves from the blame and guilt.  Do this for yourself your ex did what they did for themselves.     Would Read more [...]

Break the Day Down Into Manageable Timed Chunks

      At times, 24 hours can seem as though it’s 48 hours long.  From the moment you step out of bed, your soul sinks wondering how on earth you are going to carve a route through to sliding back into those comforting sheets. Don’t concentrate on the entire day, break it down into manageable timed chunks, perhaps thinking only as far as lunchtime and what you are going to have to eat.  Follow that with thoughts on getting through to tea time and beyond that through to drinking Read more [...]

Seek Out Divorce Recovery Groups or Workshops Near You

  For some, walking a solitary path to healing from a divorce, is the way forward. For others, sharing their experience and empathizing with others who are at sea in the same boat, is the way to go for their recovery. If you feel you belong in the boat, it might be worth seeking out divorce recovery groups or workshops near you; there are lots and they seem to be quite a growing trend. A quick search on the Internet will bring up Divorce Care (US) and Divorce Recovery Workshop (UK) - there Read more [...]


      Do any of these statements sound familiar? You’re such a loser You never get anything right You’re so stupid No one will ever love you You always mess up You’re a failure You’ll never be happy You’re no good You’re worthless…fat...old…ugly…fill in the blank….. Do you ever notice saying any of these things to yourself, or about yourself? Would you ever say any of these mean things to a friend? And, as a good friend, would you make especially sure to say Read more [...]

Sassy Zen Card Readings Now Available

        Order between now and December 9th and receive and extra 5 minutes for free!!! (That's a 20 minute reading for only 20 dollars!) Hello my name is Lillian. I’m the artist and creator of the Sassy Zen cards. I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Vision Board Coach, with over 30 years of consulting experience. A Sassy Zen 15 min. 1 question reading reviews your past, identifies exactly where you are now, and offers guidance on how to best move Read more [...]

Moving On From Divorce

  The  moment has  happened: you and your spouse are divorced. It can be easy to ask yourself "what did I do wrong", but that kind of thinking hinders the process of coping with divorce depression. This time in your life is one of the most stressful events to ever occur in anyone's life, and there's no need to add to it with self-doubt and blaming. Without moving on from divorce, you can suffer from chronic health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. Your marriage may be over, Read more [...]

A Divorce Party?

      There’s a growing trend in the US for a divorce party at some point after the divorce is final and they seem to be catching on and gathering strength in the UK too. Whilst I understand the significance of celebrating the fact that this unpredictable period is over, I’m not entirely sure I get wedding ring coffins and black iced cakes with plastic icons of dead grooms perched on the top, but it seems the commercial wheels still turn even for the most morose of life events. The Read more [...]

Want a Divorce but Unable to Agree

  If you live in the US, have separated from your spouse and want a divorce but are unable to agree on child and/or financial matters, you are standing on the edge of a contested divorce and probably drowning in questions about what happens next; here’s a brief summary of what can be an arduously long process. You meet with your attorney Your attorney serves the divorce petition Your soon-to-be ex responds to said petition You document all of your financial affairs and custody issues, Read more [...]

Indulge in a Little Nothingness

Occasionally, it’s all you can do to put one foot in front of the other and step forwards. The appeal in staring at the wall trying to make sense of it all is overwhelming and to be honest, it doesn’t hurt to indulge in a little nothingness every now and again. Anybody that says, ‘Ah, come on, pull yourself together, life’s too short’ and other irritating positives, hasn’t got a clue how deep your pain is. Sometimes, a pocket of silence, slowness or stillness is all that is required Read more [...]