Remember The Things You Used To Do

    When we advance in our years and suddenly feel the pressures of life, the universe and everything bearing down upon our shoulders, it’s easy to forget the people we used to be. This is particularly true as you recover from being scalded by the embers of a marriage that was going nowhere. The fact is, if you are able to reconnect with the soul you once were, you might also be able to tap into a pocket of the energy that used to drive and thrill you. Dig back in your dim and distant Read more [...]

You are a Miracle and Deserve the Best

  Why do people fall in love with the wrong kind of people? BECAUSE: we choose the people that we think we deserve. I wonder someday can everyone learn that they deserve more, yes we can try to teach them. It is so true that You are a Miracle and Deserve the Best! There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Do you know who's the best couple in this universe? Smile & Tears! Rarely do they meet, but Read more [...]

Life After Divorce and Betrayal: The Betrayed Spouse

  If there is one thing that can be said about divorce is that the feelings and the thoughts that go through our heads can be hard to contend with. Even in amicable finishes to a relationship, divorce opens up many questions that most of us aren’t prepared to answer. However, infidelity and adultery is arguably the worst way a relationship can end. Especially if you need to see them regularly enough for court proceedings, there is basically no way that divorce can be dealt with easily Read more [...]

Be Patient, Love and Above all be You

      Be Patient, Love and Above all be You In an ideal world, all relationships would thrive, we’d procreate the optimum 2.2 children and alongside them, rear uber-obedient companion dogs that the children would walk every day after they’d done homework and a handful of chores. The children would grow well, flourish in their educative years and contribute to their local communities via the voluntary sector and as a nuclear unit you’d watch reruns of the Walton’s on Read more [...]

Are You Stuck in Your Story?

We’re always telling a story about what happened…what is happening and what will happen.  Two or more people experiencing the same event are all going to tell a different story about it.  Why?  Because everyone notices different things…everyone interprets it differently…everyone is putting their own spin on it.  Someone may get fired from a job and sees it as a catastrophe…the end of the world as they know it…a disaster…and they begin to tell a really sad and scary story about Read more [...]

Come to Terms with The Narcissist Never Loved You

      In order to come to terms with The Narcissist Never Loved You, you must understand why he or she acts the way narcissists do. The narcissist does not operate as what we know is a ‘normal’ human being. - The narcissist has no desire to allow love, teamwork and co-operation into his or her life. - The narcissist believes he or she has to remain ‘separate’ in order to survive. -The narcissist needs to dump his or her internal torment onto an intimate partner and make Read more [...]

“Ripe for the Picking?”

      With the loss of any long-term relationship, there will be things you begin to miss. Things like, a nice strong or loving hug from someone of the opposite sex, a smile when they see you walking up, and the list goes on and on.  Fortunately right after my divorce, a good friend came up and said “guard yourself against becoming ripe for the picking.” I had no idea what he meant, so he explained there are people out there that will see that you are vulnerable and try to Read more [...]

Let US Learn from Peter

      Let's take a moment and think about Peter, when he got out of the boat because Jesus asked him. He put his faith in Jesus when he became afraid he started to sink. At that point, he called out for Jesus to help him even though he was afraid and sinking. The other disciples sat safely in the boat they did not take the risk to try. They leaned on the boat, and Peter leaned on Jesus. Faith let's go of the ordinary for a little while so God can do something better. Why are you Read more [...]

Focus on the Simple Things

      Occasionally you may feel you simply can’t cope with all the curved balls your divorce hurled at you. Take time and Focus on the Simple Things This type of occurrence doesn’t happen exclusively during the period immediately surrounding and enclosing your divorce. Indeed, you may find yourself in a mental fix, months or even a couple of years after everything settled; such is the power of the act itself. When this happens, break the day into manageable chunks and concentrate Read more [...]

Apply a Liberal Sprinkling of Patience

  Whether you’re 5 minutes past separation from your old spouse, knee-deep in divorce or 5 years the other side of your Decree Absolute, when it comes to dealing with an vexing ex, you’ll do well to apply a liberal sprinkling of patience.   Trouble is that’s far easier said than done.   There are limited things that enable aggravated patience levels to decrease; a dogged determination to rise above their pathetic behavior so they don’t bother you anymore and the simple Read more [...]