Signs You Have Healed!

  Getting over your ex is not like when you fell in love. When you fall in love, you know right away. Getting over them and healing takes a little time. Many times you don’t even realize it has happened until the revelation moment. You read or see something, and you realize you really don’t concern yourself with them anymore. Sometime you don't notice that you have healed so it is nice to see some of the signs. I have tried to make a list of things you might feel while you are healing. Read more [...]

Is it Really Possible to Find Love Again?

  After a divorce many people ask "Is it Really Possible to Find Love Again?"  Finding love after a divorce is always possible. You may not feel that way right now, but you will. As the minister at my church said, “When you are going through the valley of troubled times keep walking! The only ones stuck are the ones that stop walking.” Yes, healing a broken heart and trusting another person again can be a challenge. Your heart and mind may build up strong walls. You are doing this to Read more [...]