Help Boost Your Mood When you Feel a Little Down

      During my healing process too often I find myself sad, tense, worried, or just plain filled with the bad wave of healing. I don’t enjoy feeling that way at all.  Need Help Boost Your Mood When you Feel a Little Down.  Here are some of my personally tested tricks to pull me out of that sad place and back to the positive waves of healing. 1. Look around you, “It could be worse.” You may be sad that you are alone but think about the person that is alone and homeless. Read more [...]

Setting Boundaries

    The majority of problems I hear about have the exact same underlying issue. See if you can work out what it is: "My boss expects too much…"    "My girlfriend treats me badly…" "My mother is too demanding…"     "I have no time for myself..." Can you hear the common problem? The people making these statements are not setting or communicating their boundaries. What are boundaries? Your boundaries are the policies that YOU administer about what you Read more [...]

Your Ex, the Internet and Social Media Part 2 “Even if it is Not Illegal Some Statements Hurt!”

      Paul and Lilly had gone through a very painful divorce, and like many during their separation, they both had unfriended each other. They did have adult children that were on both of their friend lists on the social network. Unfortunately, neither had blocked the ex nor set the privacy to friends only, and the default setting was used so friends of friends could read posts.   Lilly found out that Paul had been reading her posts and going to her page through the children’s Read more [...]

Why do Some Married People Find it Acceptable to Poke “Fun” at Their Partners in Public?

  Please read my Editors Note at the end of this article.       Why do Some Married Women Find it Acceptable to Poke Fun at Their Husbands in Public? By Gint  Aras   I noticed that several married women I know on Facebook posted this joke on their timelines in recent days: Woman’s Ass Size Study There is a new study about women and how they feel about their asses. The results are very interesting. 10% of women think their ass is too skinny 30% of women think Read more [...]

The King of the Mountain

    “Only mediocrity is safe. Therefore, be the best, and get prepared to be attacked.” ~Paulo Coelho   Despair permeated his teenage body, and his spirit. I could feel and smell his dejection as we sat inches apart in the front seat of The Red Scorpion after driving home from his Scout meeting that night. I partially understood the abyss he was teetering on, but I doubted the ability of any words of mine to relieve him. I just hoped that he would eventually understand Read more [...]

Sex After Divorce (for Mature Audiences Only)

    ...Over the years, one day at a time, the role for each partner in a bed evolves. Slowly what each needs from the other may not even be the simple animal coupling. It becomes about control and power, giving and taking, bartering and trading. About giving in or holding out. About comfort and belonging. If one gave it, then the other would get up with any sick child that night, and let the other sleep in the next morning. If the other gave it, the first would tell a little secret Read more [...]

7 Axions / Universal Truths – Zuda Yoga Teacher Training

  7 Axions / Universal Truths - Zuda Yoga Teacher Training 1.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be 2.  Fear and pain are life's greatest teachers 3.  Laughter and play are the keys to the fountain of youth 4.  Exercise and rest are the keys to vibrant health 5.  Touch and intimacy are basic human needs 6.  Everything is impermanent 7.  Everything is connected Widgets     Would you like to support DASNM?  If so, Read more [...]

My Husband Would Feel Fury and Frustration

  A separated woman recalls teasing and insulting her husband in front of others. — Reading Gint Aras’ The Butt of the Marriage Joke, about wives who make fun of husbands online, got me thinking and remembering. Posting tasteless memes seemed like child’s play compared to what I used to unleash on my partner. I am a separated 32 year old woman. I used to bash my partner verbally, in his presence and with an audience. I was the purveyor of silly jokes about men and husbands, thinly Read more [...]

Inconvenient Truths

    From "The Dogs of Divorce" By William Kenly The late-night hour brought no relief from the smothering summer air. Even the sounds of the crickets were muffled by the thick air. The dense air held the smell of the trees and the dead leaves from the woods beyond the driveway. Breathing was an effort. The humid air pressed close to my face, my chest, my body. Even the drops of sweat trying to ooze from my pores required effort because the humid air encased me. Not like a protective Read more [...]

Decide What YOU Want to be a Vulture or Hummingbird?

    It is time for you to decide what you want to be. Do you want to be like a vulture going around looking for death and destruction or would you prefer to be a hummingbird in search of the sweet nectar of life? When you keep reliving the past in your mind with anger aimed at your ex over the end of your relationship, you are devoting too much time and destructive energy with thoughts like the proverbially vulture. Whenever the negative thoughts creep into your mind, identify them, Read more [...]