Do we Sacrifice Ourselves to Stay in a Relationship?

      Do we Sacrifice Ourselves to Stay in a Relationship?  Sacrifice is a word that most people are scared of. Sacrifice is called selflessness. Meaning you're willing place your partner's happiness above your own (LOVE). Of course, you're going to run across a person(s) that'll take advantage of it and/or not appreciate it, but those are the chances you take in relationships. It's all 50/50 whether or not it works out, but you can't stay sulking, and you feel like Read more [...]

Things Do Go Wrong in Life If You Need Help it’s Just a Phone Call Away

    Things may be going wrong in your life now. I know life will get better. Life isn't always FUN; it isn't always FAIR. You have to take one day at a time. You must learn from your mistakes in order to have the knowledge and ability to find true happiness. Wouldn’t it be nice if life came with an owners manual? Not only would we know what could happen to us; we would also know how to fix it. All we can do is face it head on, and handle everything to the best of our ability, Don't Read more [...]

Stages of Healing from Abuse and Trauma

The journey to healing and recovery from abuse is long, sometimes painful, and VERY challenging. The journey is different for every victim/survivor. However, we each go through similar emotions manifested from our pain and confusion. The following lists the stages/emotional patterns in our healing process. As we heal, we oscillate between all of these. So don't worry if you keep revisiting "anger" or "bargaining." It happens. It's how our mind process the trauma and helps us heal. DENIAL Shock Read more [...]

Coping With Life After Divorce

It’s never easy to cope with life or face the repercussions of a broken marriage or a breakup of a long term relationship. Whatever may be the reason of your split and whether you wanted the break up or not doesn’t really matter much! The unwavering truth is that a divorce can knock the wind away from your sails, trigger all types of unsettling and painful feelings and turn your entire world upside down. Realizing that you are all alone to deal with crucial issues such as children, career Read more [...]

Tips to Get Through the Holiday Season After a Divorce

Here are some tips to get through the holiday season after a divorce!   Getting divorced or separated was never going to be easy. But why make it worse by punishing yourself during the best time of the year, which has to be Christmas. All you need is to plan out things in advance before it gets to you. Things will be different and also, difficult, it is best to prepare yourself and your children, if you have any, mentally and emotionally for the holiday season. If you have separated Read more [...]


    Fear begins and ends with the desire to be secure; inward and outward security, with the desire to be certain, to have permanency. The continuity of permanence is sought in every direction, in virtue, in relationship, in action, in experience, in knowledge, in outward and inward things. To find security and be secure is the everlasting cry. It is this insistent demand that breeds fear.   Would you like to support DASNM?  If so, it is easy, just use this link  Amazon Purchases Read more [...]

Surviving Divorce: What You Can Do to Bounce Back

  The Agonizing Ordeal No married person envisions himself or herself to be single with children one day. One day, you are living your dream, happily married with bunch of beautiful kids, living in a lovely home and with your business getting along smoothly. Then one day, you wake up finding yourself in the middle of divorce proceedings, shattering your dreams into millions of pieces. There is no such thing as a happy divorce. Any divorce leaves a certain amount of shame, pain and guilt, whether Read more [...]

If You Truly Heal There is an Amazing Life to be Lived

  I have spent years counseling and watching the incredible struggle people find themselves in as the unexpected hits them in the form of a divorce. The loss of the dream they had when they committed to marrying is beyond words, yet very real. There is a knee- jerk reaction of going into denial and blame which includes them and yourself. Yet none of this will change what is going on. With time you will see If You Truly Heal There is an Amazing Life to be Lived!!   The breakdown of a Read more [...]

Post Divorce Christmas Part 5 – Creating Family Traditions after Divorce

  The holiday season is a wonderful time for all the families. The time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is especially important for families as they signify a time of love and togetherness. And all of a sudden, with a pound of the gavel, the term “holidays” mean entirely something else. Not only is it very different from the usual holiday celebration, the first time spending holidays alone could be aptly described in just one word “clueless”. If you don’t have children, Read more [...]

The Company We Keep

      While going through the healing process, you need to look closely at the company you keep in your life. When you have the right people around you, they will help build you up and are a great blessing. The wrong type of people can prolong your healing and possibly do more damage. Bad company corrupts good character. There are the “everything is doom and gloom” people with a negative attitude so be on the look out for them. They will tell you how bad your ex was, how Read more [...]