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Calorie Cutting Tip: Frozen Fruit



banana soft serve photo: Banana Soft Serve july109010normal.jpg

Banana Soft Serve

As I have gotten older, it has become harder and harder not to gain weight, I just look at something and the pounds come on. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and love desert. Ice cream is my favorite after dinner treat. Deciding to cut calories first I would reach for frozen yogurt or sherbet. Then I found out the calorie count for a cup is 140 for frozen yogurt and 260 for sherbet. Frozen fruit is only 120 for that same size cup.


When bananas get a little too ripe I just peel the skin off and place them on wax paper lined cookie sheet making sure to have a single layer and not touching each other. Then pop them in the freezer, once they are frozen I place them in a freezer zip lock bag. For other fruit, it is pretty much the same process. Make sure to clean and remove all stems and skin off before freezing.


I have a Yonanas machine to make a soft serve treat; a good food processor can also do the trick. I will warn you the machine is quite loud, and the treat does not taste like icecream it still is a very good frozen treat.  Yonanas Facebook page with Recipes and for the website has additional  Yonanas Recipes



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