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Brown Crispy Rice Treats


Isn’t it cool how Rice Krispies actually do snap, crackle and pop?  This is a healthy twist on a classic make-with-your-kids treat. I am sure you will enjoy Brown Crispy Rice Treats!

  • 6 cups brown crispy rice
  • 2/3 cup almond butter (if you don’t have it, try peanut butter)
  • 2/3 cup honey or brown rice syrup (I used honey but the rice syrup makes them stick together a lot better)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Additional add-ins: Dried cranberries, mini-chocolate chips, flax seed, dried blueberries.

Spray a mixing bowl with nonstick cooking spray.  Measure crispy rice into the bowl.  Mix almond butter and honey (or brown rice syrup) together in a pot.   Heat until bubbly.  Remove from heat and add vanilla and cinnamon.   Pour over crispy rice.  Mix together and pour into a sprayed 9×13 pan.   If you use honey, you can pop the pan in the freezer for a few minutes to help them form better.

Recipe originally posted on Super Healthy Kids.  The experts in making fruits & vegetables simply, fun, & delicious!


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