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A Stranger is a Future Friend that I haven’t Learned Their Name Yet!



I am happy that in my life and here is an example why.

The woman I viewed as my “best friend” for over three decades told her cousin I had gotten divorced and gave him my number. I lived on one side of the country, and he lived on the other. We texted, emailed, and talked on the phone for about three months. I asked him if he was involved with anyone and he always reassured me that there was no one in his life. He then asked me to come and visit him since I had not been anywhere in almost two years and I liked the idea of a little vacation. I insisted that I pay for my own airfare and hotel room because I didn’t want him to have any expectations anything was going to happen between us.

The day before the trip, I received an email stating that his girlfriend of three years would probably not be comfortable with my coming. I tried calling and texting to find out what was going on and never got a response.

My airfare and hotel bill were nonrefundable, so I decided to go on my little vacation anyway! I called my “best friend” to ask her what was going on. Her response was that I needed to stay away from this guy, then she started to treat me as if I was the other woman. I reminded her that she knew the entire time that we were communicating, and she had given him my phone number. I just wish she had given me the information about the girlfriend!

Upon arrival, I went to the hotel and unpacked my belongings then decided to take the hotel shuttle to see the sights. I noticed another woman about my age on the shuttle all by herself. I introduced myself, and we became fast friends. Lisa was in town on business and had arrived a couple of days earlier. The next two days were packed with fun activities, and as a result, we helped each other through the issues that brought us there in the first place.

On the third day, Lisa had to start her business meetings. We made plans to meet each night for dinner for the rest of our trip. During the next day, I was off traveling the city by myself. That afternoon while waiting at a bus stop, I ran into a friend that I have not seen in over twenty years. The funny thing is Sam was going to ride the bus because he had sold his car and he didn’t want the new owners to give him a ride anywhere. As luck would have it, I had my long-time friend to do things with during the day and my new friend to do things with during the evening hours. Isn’t it funny how God puts just the right people in your life at the right time!

When it came time to end my vacation, I seemed to have that old spring in my step. I knew God would always be there to help me. Sometimes he has plans for me that I don’t expect. Yes, I did lose two “friends” in the process, but they were not really true friends. On the plus side, I reconnected with a friend from my past and met a totally new one. Some people may wonder why I talked to strangers. To me a stranger is a future friend that I haven’t learned their name yet!


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