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Darrel had an Interesting Path to Finding His Love



Darrel met Angie in the local hardware store when she asked him if he knew which cordless drill worked the best. She explained she needed to do repairs on the wood fence in her yard. By the end of the shopping tips, they had exchanged numbers and agreed to meet for dinner and a movie the next Friday night.

Darrel arrived at the restaurant first and was seated promptly. After about five minutes, Angie called to say she was running late and would be there in a couple minutes. Thirty minutes later Darrel looks up to see Angie had finally arrived but with another couple in tow. She explained she had run into her friends in the lobby, and they told her the wait for a table was now over forty five minutes. She then tells Darrel, “I hope it is okay I invited them to join us for dinner.” They all had a fabulous time. Erica and Stanley had a grand sense of humor and everyone was laughing through the whole dinner.

Darrel had purchased movie tickets online and he wanted to get to the theater to get a good seat. He told the group it was time to wrap up dinner so they could get over to the theater. Everyone got very quiet, and then Erica said “We all were hoping to go back to my place and play some games.” Darrel told the group he didn’t want to waste the tickets. Then Angie said “These games are much more fun than going to any movie. We have more than a friendship our games involve sex.” Darrel being a good Christian man let them know he would be attending the movie alone.

When he got to the theater, he saw a woman in line that was obviously movieby herself. Darrell walked up to her and asked if she was a swinger… with a shocked look she said “No.” He gave the woman his extra ticket and said “Since we both are alone we should sit together to watch the movie.” Darrel introduced himself, and that was the start of a wonderful relationship. Lori and Darrel are now engaged to be married and these two good Christians give credit to swingers for helping them find their true love. .



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