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A Date May be Different than They Present Themselves Online


Many times when doing an online profile, people stretch the truth and Bridget seemed to be an expert. Rodney had been communicating with Bridget for about a month, and they finally decided to meet and go out for dinner date.

When Rodney got to the restaurant, he noticed her weight was more like 195 pounds not 110 pounds. That was just the beginning of the interesting differences in her profile. As they were eating, she mentioned her 24-year-old son. Rodney a few moments later he was reminded that she said she was 35. Was she 11 years old when she had her son?

As dinner progressed, Rodney started noticing; every time one of her falsehoods would come out her fork would shake like it was a little lie detector. When the topic got around to previous marriages, he realized she had been married eight times. Bridget doesn’t count one because she had it annulled, yet her online profile stated that she had been married twice. She also seemed to be a little frustrated about the one that was annulled all these years later. Apparently her husband left her for another man and her family sided with him.

Rodney decided there was just too much information that Bridget had stretched, and this was probably the tip of the iceberg. After dinner, he politely walked her to her car thinking he only had a few more minutes with Bridget. As he got closer to the car, he noticed she had a flat tire. The gentleman that is he is, Rodney could not just turn around and walk away. He started changing the tire, and of course Bridget didn’t offer to help. She did keep questioning if he was really doing it right.

Then it started to rain. Bridget walked to the car and got in with no concern that Rodney is in the process of changing “her” tire. While getting in Bridget commented that she did not want to get wet or mess up her hair. After about another five minutes, she starts tapping on the window. Rodney looks up, and she is looking quite irritated. She rolls down the window and says, “Can you hurry up, I’m running late.” Rodney felt like saying “lady finish it yourself” but he is such a southern gentleman and he finished changing her tire. A few days later, Bridget texted him and asked when they would be going out again. Rodney sent her a text back explaining he felt they were not a good match and wished her well in her search.

Even though you think you have filtered the people. You have done your texting, emailing, and completed a background check. Many times they still may not be quite the way they present themselves. But don’t fret just because you come across a bad date or two, we have all had them. In the world of dating, just think of it as a journey to find that perfect mate who will still be next to you when you both reach your destination in life.






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