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Don’t Trust in Others Background Checks

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Matchmaker services and many online dating site do background checks on the people they take as clients. That is one reason why most people pay the extra money for a matchmaking service. Keep in mind when dealing with matchmakers, very often you still have to do your own homework. The matchmaker service my friend Trish was using would tell her a little bit about the person, and then she would look at the photos and descriptions of the person. Trish never found anyone that was appealing to her until one day the matchmaker finally found one. They went out on a date and had a very nice dinner, and initially Drake seemed like a gentleman.

After a few dates, she decided to let him pick her up at her home because everything seemed to go very well. When Drake dropped her off one evening, he asked to come in and use the restroom which seemed to take a long time. Trish found him walking around the house. When he saw Trish he stated he had gotten lost.

When he returned, he asked Trish if she knew about the California love knot? Being the good sailor that she is, she decided it was time for the date to end. Histories of the love knot are linked to Celtic and Arabic cultures where young lovers used the knots to send secret messages to each other. The knot was thought to symbolize the inseparable joining of two hearts. The knots have been used in jewelry, crochet, and as a teaching tool for the basis of forming more complicated knots. Trish felt they had not been dating long enough to be talking about things like this. At that point, Drake turned into an octopus and was grabbing everything on he could grab. Trish is 5 foot 11 inches lady that grew up with 4 brothers, and since the door was fairly close, she was able to push him out of it fairly quickly.

The next morning Trish decided to do a background check on Drake herself. Much to her surprise she got a lot of results back on this gentleman that was supposed to have a clear record. According to her background check, he had been arrested and convicted of burglary, assault, rape, and a few other charges. Trish was mortified this man had been in her home. She started thinking about how long it took him just to get to the bathroom and how he got lost on the way. Trish started wondering if he was checking out the house to see if she had anything he might be interested in. Then she focused on his rape conviction and how he was such an octopus. With all these concerns, she decided to call the matchmaker service and asked them why her background check showed all of these things and theirs did not. They informed her that they knew about the record, but it was over seven years, so they don’t report any of that information.

When you are dealing with rape, assault, burglary, and they are not just arrests but convictions, it is an important fact. I don’t care if it’s over seven years; rape and assault frighten me. Trish turned this company into the Better Business Bureau and posted a comment. She felt it was important to let people know she felt this company was not interested in protecting their clients.

Bottom line, if someone says they’ve done a background check on somebody still do one yourself.


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Mark Nelson is the private investigator that contributes to this website. He works at Advantage Security Integration in Houston Texas.  His email address is marknelsonasi@gmail.com for confidential consultation   He offers a Professional background check special for DASNM starting at $25.  Just tell me when you call or email that DASNM sent you.





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