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Don’t Skip Dating Rules



Due to a really hectic schedule I wasn’t able to make my normal preparations for a first date. My date was a successful businessman, and we were to meet at a very nice restaurant in Midtown. I thought what the heck I can skip a few of my dating rules. I know what you are thinking, famous last words and you were right!

Spoon_and_knifeWe sat at a table in the middle of the room. After I sat down, I noticed he looked really different than his picture. There was just something about his sideburns. The more I looked at him; I realized what it was. He dyed his hair black and had a line across his sideburns; below the line his sideburns were white. I couldn’t help it, I kept looking and thinking to myself why doesn’t somebody tell this man to comb the dye through the sideburns for the last 5 or 10 minutes and it will give the salt-and-pepper look.

The food was wonderful, but I started noticing the waiter never asked if I wanted another glass of wine. There was always a fresh full glass of wine right next to my plate. At that point, I started drinking more of my water. This restaurant serves cotton candy with a sparkle in it for birthdays. Whenever someone gets it, the entire restaurant turns to looks at the person. The lady behind me was receiving her cotton candy, and at the same time, my date feels it is appropriate to start feeding me, with the fork he had just used to take a bite.

With the whole restaurants looking at the lady behind me, I didn’t want to make a scene, so I took the bite, he continued trying to feed me more. I have a thing about my face and mouth after having it rebuilt so many times since the accident. I am a grown woman and very capable of feeding myself, I have done this little task for most of my life.

A few moments later, he motions for me to come closer. Since the restaurant was loud, I thought he was going to tell me something. Oh NO, he starts kissing me right there in front of everybody! This man now thinks it is appropriate to ask me to go to his place to see the view of the city lights. Of course, my answer was “NO, I have just moved from Vegas and have seen lots of pretty light.” If he would do all of that on a first date in a restaurant full of people, what would this man do if he got someone alone?

As we headed out to the valet parking, he turned and asked, “There’s not going to be a story about me on your site, is there?” I looked at him and smiled, then said, “What would I have to write about you?” The valet arrived with my car, I waved goodbye, got in my car and drove home.


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Skip Dating Rules

  1. Lmao I am so sorry you had to go through that torture~~ trust me I have had a few bad dates myself –like the dude that thought he was gonna transform himself into Hulk Hogan-omg that lasted a whole 15 minutes I just looked at him and said I am sorry but this just is not working.. Never done that before but I have decided if its not for me Im outta there…

    Love the site it helps so much with how to cope with divorce, getting over divorce, starting over after divorce, and How to move on after divorce

  2. I will look forward to hearing the Hulk Hogan story Dating, online dating and dating after a long relationship can be so challenging. Hopefully these articles can help you with loneliness after divorce, how to start dating after divorce, how to meet women after divorce, dating after divorce for women, men dating after divorce, rebuilding after divorce

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