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Lake Party






The Fourth of July was coming, and a friend from high school called to ask if I’d like to go on a date with him. A mutual high school friend was having a potluck dinner at his house on the lake. Our friend who was having the party was someone we had not seen since high school, and that was over twenty years ago. We made our dish to pass and packed up our swimsuits just in case there might be a dip in the lake on this hot summer day. My date was told there would be an artist there to paint artwork on our bodies. We thought that might be kind of fun.

house-on-lakeWe lived in the city, and it took about an hour to get to the lake. The drive seemed short because we had plenty of catching up to do. When we arrived, most of the people were sitting outside in the front yard. I remembered our friend as being a tall, handsome, and conservative person. The potluck went fabulously, lots of interesting and delicious food and an eclectic group of people. We sat down and watched the beautiful sunset together. As I turned and looked back at the group, I noticed the look on their faces. It was like they were speaking to each other without saying a word, as if something was about to happen and my date and I were the only two that didn’t know. I shook the feeling off thinking I was just being silly. What could happen?

It was my turn to get my fake tattoo. I’m afraid to get a real tattoo, because I’ve heard they really hurt. While working on my tattoo the artist looked at us and said, “How well do you know these people?” Then I heard a lady behind me say, “Can you make my nipple the center of the flower?” My date reached down and grabbed my arm, I looked up at him, then I looked over at her. Yes, her top was off, and she was planning to get her entire chest painted in flowers. I turned to look at my date, we now shared the unspoken words of “How the heck do we get out of here and what kind of party are we at?” He grabbed my arm tighter, I turned and looked around again, there were four more women with their tops off. Soon, I would be the only woman with her top on. I had no problem in high school saying “NO” and I have no problem now, my shirt stayed on. My date and I tried to act like nothing unusual was happening. Although, we were trying to figure out how quickly we can get out of this place. We didn’t know what they had planned next, and really didn’t want to find out. All of a sudden, the host said, “Time to go swimming!” Even though, we had our suits in the car, we were not wearing them. So we thanked them and said “Sorry we can’t because we don’t have any swimsuits!” They told us “Neither do we there are no swimsuits on this moonlight dip!” I reminded them, I wasn’t comfortable taking my shirt off to have my chest painted and I definitely wasn’t comfortable swimming naked.

We collected our things as they headed to the beach. Waving goodbye with smiles and telling them thank you for inviting us. Needless to say, we weren’t giving goodbye hugs. Quickly we got into the car and started the long drive back. It was about a quarter of a mile before either of us would even look at each other. When we finally did, we burst out laughing. Neither of us could believe how much our friends had changed. Then my date decided to ask me if I would take off my top and show him my boobies, just so he could compare to which my response was a whack upside his head.

It is nice when your date really is just a good old friend!



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