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Parents Without Partners




The wife of a friend from work called one day to say she had a bunch of girlfriends that had a loose organization called “Parents Without Partners.” Mainly women, but they tried to recruit men, too. People who have no mate, usually through divorce, sometimes through death. They get together every couple of weeks. Would I like to come?

Two evenings later, a (male) friend from work and I walked into the Southport Brewery, an upscale/yuppie restaurant. The girls were already there, all six of them filling up a booth. Introductions were made all around, and I sat in the middle on one side, my friend in the middle on the other. Five of the girls were divorced, one never married. All but the never-married one had school-age kids. A couple liked to ski,  a couple had not been to one of these gatherings in a few months. I learned about “A” weekends and “B” weekends—if you have visitation with your kids every first and third weekend, then you do not want your girlfriend to have her kids on the second and fourth weekend or you’ll never have a free weekend together.

They chattered, directing the discussions at us, and I felt unusually desirable. They were each trying to have a little conversation with one of us or to get noticed by one of us. The chatter was fast and funny, and once again, it was therapeutic to have pretty women not treat you like a child molester. At that moment, I thought that I could not ask for more than a life of pleasant conversations like this.

An hour later, my friend and I excused ourselves to go to the men’s room and when we came back, the girls had all rearranged themselves, so we were sitting beside different girls. Kids in the candy store, both them and us.


William Kenly

from “The Dogs of Divorce”







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